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Octopus Ride returns with their sophomore album »II«, out now via Sound Effect Records

Malmö, Sweden based psychedelic post-punk/shoegaze outfit Octopus Ride returns with their sophomore album, entitled »II«, which was just released on October 22nd, 2021 via Sound Effect Records.

01. If You’re Happy
02. Money Trouble
03. I Saw You (We All Did)
04. A Place You Wouldn’t Know
05. One Summer’s Break
06. Things’ll Never Be The Same
07. I Wait
08. The Sun In My Hands

Produced by Alm/Ekvall.
Mastered by Joakim Lindberg.
Cover art by Danilo Stankovic.
Sleeve design by Martin Daun.

Though formed in 1999, Octopus Ride did not release their debut album until 2013. Now, finally, the follow-up has arrived. Two albums in twenty-two years may indicate that these Swedes don’t like to rush things. On the other hand, their music is bristling with restless energy and unpredictability. Often, a nervous, minimal riff and a speeding drum will serve as a foundation, which allows mysterious sounds to enter and exit the audio landscape much like the images and scenes of a dream. Occasionally, an actual “song” will appear, in one case even a slow waltz, but arranged in such an unsettling, disorientating fashion that it will put listeners out at sea, clutching at the railings. Not quite shoegaze, nor post-punk, nor krautrock, Octopus Ride are once again transporting you into a world of sounds that is theirs and theirs alone.

»Things’ll Never Be the Same« was written by Peter Kember and Jason Pierce. All other tracks by Octopus Ride.

»I Saw You (We All Did)« was recorded in Helsingborg, 2002, engineered and mixed by Magnus Hansson. All other tracks recorded at Press Rec Studios and in Ekvall’s home, Malmö, 2016-2020, engineered and mixed by Alm.

Octopus Ride is:
Karl Alm – Guitar and Keyboards
Christian Ekvall – Guitar, Vocals and Keyboards
Henrik Kyhlberg – Drums
Johannes Måbrink – Bass
Unni Zimmerdahl – Cornet and Keyboards

Guest appearances:
Björn Eriksson – Viola on »One Summer’s Break«
Robert Karlsson – Bass on »I Saw You (We All Did)«
Jenny Wilson – Backing vocals on »A Place You Wouldn’t Know« and »I Wait«
Children’s choir on »If You’re Happy«: Leo Bergström, Sture Ekvall, Siri Nin Sjöstrand, Vida Pinheiro Ågren

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