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Patriarchs In Black presents their second full-length album »My Veneration«, out now via MDD Records!

Patriarchs In Black presents their second full-length album, »My Veneration«, which was just released on October 6th, 2023 via MDD Records.

01. Dead Or Dying
02. Show Them Your Power
03. Lust For Lies
04. Veneration
05. Non Defectum
06. My Veneration
07. Dead And Gone
08. Crooked Smile
09. Heaven Burn
10. Hallowed Be Her Name
11. Digital Lies
12. I Stole Your Love
13. Hole In The Sky

Courtesy of The Metallist PR:

Just over a year after the furious debut »Reach For The Scars«, riff machine Dan Lorenzo (Cassius King, Hades) once again proves that he just can’t leave it alone and, together with drummer Johnny Kelly (Danzig, Type O Negative, Quit Riot), presents the second album of their joint project Patriarchs In Black. Once again, the duo makes use of an illustrious group of guest musicians. It almost seems that nobody can escape the stoner/doom/rock charm, because also on »My Veneration« the guest list reads like a “who is who” of the rock, alternative and metal scene.

In addition to Karl Agell (COC), Dave Neabore (Dog Eat Dog), Rob Traynor, John Kosco and Eric J. Morgan, already known from the previous album, this time artists like DMC (Run-D.M.C.), Mark Sunshine (Unida), John JD DeServio (Black Label Society), Kelly Abe, Gianni Pontillo and many more immortalise themselves on the 13 songs, which mercilessly roll out of the speakers directly into the listener’s auditory canals.

Every single song unfolds its very special, individual charm, and yet Lorenzo/Kelly manage to make the album sound like a unified whole. Entertaining, varied and with an unbelievable love of rock’n’roll – including a Kiss and a Black Sabbath cover version, which could not have been more aptly chosen as musical cornerstones.

Buy »My Veneration« here:

Dan Lorenzo – Guitars
Johnny Kelly – Drums

Karl Agell – Vocals
John Kosco – Vocals
Mark Sunshine – Vocals
Rob Traynor – Vocals
DMC – Vocals
Gianni Pontillo – Vocals
Kelly Abe – Vocals
Bobby Jensen – Vocals
Ronny Araya – Bass
Eric J. Morgan – Bass
Anthony Vitti – Bass
Dave Neabore – Bass
John “JD” DeServio – Bass
Emma Smoler – Violin
Jonathan Eng – Violin
Paul Walter – Keys
Scott Mueller – Organ
Eddie Heedles – Guitar Solo
Danny Kelly – Guitar Solo
Jerry Babcock – Backing Vocals

For fans of Black Sabbath, Volbeat, Black Label Society.

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