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Russian one-man stoner/death metal band Smoke Of Isengard unveil the third single »Orc-Dismemberer« taken from his debut album »Orc Metal«

Russian one-man stoner/death metal band Smoke Of Isengard unveil the third single »Orc-Dismemberer« taken from his debut album, »Orc Metal«, which will be released on December 10th, 2022 via Satanath Records sub-label Symbol Of Domination and Regolith Records.

01. Smaug… The Dragon
02. Dwarf Hunter
03. Shire Tobacco
04. The Last Trooper
05. Forest Horror
06. Black Steel Of Mordor
07. Lights Of Mordor
08. Intro (Elf-Dismemberer)
09. Orc-Dismemberer
10. Shitdemon
11. Smoke Of Isengard

Courtesy of Satanath Records:

Co-release of Satanath Records sub-label Symbol Of Domination with Regolith Records: new album »Orc Metal« of Russian stoner/death metal band Smoke Of Isengard is out on December 10, 2022!

Format: Digibook, CD; 10-page booklet; 100 copies

Smoke Of Isengard presents heavy but melodic sketch songs about Middle-earth orc life. It’s stoner death metal with low growling vocals. Orc armor was tried on (literally and figuratively) by Veralden Olmai – the frontman of the depressive black metal band Internal Cold. In contrast to the high-pitched, heartbreaking shrike vocal and melancholic melodies that we heard from Internal Cold, in Smoke Of Isengard, the vocalist demonstrates menacing growling in the style of George Fisher or Chris Barnes, accompanied with fat tube amps guitar sound.

All the power of a low-tuned seven-string guitar was accumulated by a classic for stoner metal tube amplification (gear) – Orange amp head and cabinet. Therefore, the stoner metal elements of the album sound juicy and roaring, and the death metal parts sound powerful and solid. Also, in some places a little bit of grindcore has been introduced into the album, as in some cases this helps to better convey the true nature of the orcs. A complete set of hand-crafted Uruk-Hai combat armor based on Peter Jackson’s movies helped to get used to the role of an orc. By the way, the release date of the album – December 10 – was not chosen by chance. On this day in 2001, the world premiere of the first film in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy took place. Almost all songs from the debut album »Orc Metal« are performed in Russian language. They tell their listeners individual stories from the point of view of the orcs, whether it is the story of a dwarf hunter whose piercing cry was heard by a couple of orcs from a wild valley, or a campfire story of a horror experienced in an ancient forest.

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