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Slump, Kill The Witch, Robust and Vitiligo teamed up for four-way tribute split »Bleached: A 35 Year Tribute To Nirvana«

Slump, Kill The Witch, Robust and Vitiligo teamed up for four-way tribute split, »Bleached: A 35 Year Tribute To Nirvana«, which was released on June 15th, 2024.

01. Slump – School
02. Kill The Witch – Dive
03. Robust – Negative Creep
04. Vitiligo – Paper Cuts

On 15th June 1989, a little known Seattle band called Nirvana released their first album, titled »Bleach«. Recorded for just over $606 by Jack Endino, it became the highest selling album on the Sub Pop record label and preceded Nirvana’s rise to fame with 1991’s »Nevermind« before the untimely death of their songwriter, Kurt Cobain, in 1994.

Slump are paying tribute to the 35th anniversary of »Bleach« with a four-way tribute split.

»Bleached« will raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Metal For Good and Macmillan Cancer Support charities when purchased on Slump’s Bandcamp.

England, UK based Slump about »Bleached: A 35 Year Tribute To Nirvana«:

“We were asked to do a headline set for the first time in 2021 and didn’t have enough original material, so we picked »School« out as a song to learn. We didn’t want to do »Teen Spirit« or »Heart-Shaped Box« or »Come As You Are«, they’d be too obvious. Eighteen months ago we revived it and it’s such a fun, energetic one to throw in near the end of the set. It wasn’t long after that the »Bleached« idea started to take shape.

»School« is the first Slump recording to feature our new low end king Ben – though he’s on as a vocalist in the choruses, with our OG member Olly having actually laid the bass down as part of his last day in the band! Mixing and mastering was once again handled by Stale Winton, who did a stellar job on »Dust«.”

“We go back a fair way with Kill The Witch, having shared all kinds of stages across the Midlands, including at Sludgefest, Worcester Music Festival and October Winter Festival. Back in 2021 a couple of us were at one of their shows when they pulled out a cover of »Dive« out of nowhere. So when we thought about recording our own Nirvana cover, we had to ask them too.

This version of »Dive« is a little bit special. Original Kill The Witch bassist Sandy lays down the low end rumble beneath Karl’s fuzzy guitars. Also, from our own camp, Kabu is drumming, and Matt’s in the mix on backing vocals – not for the first time, if you’ve caught KTW play »Ghosts Of Tomorrow« live any time recently! »Dive« really is a collaboration between both of us, produced expertly by Owen at Loud Noises Production in Cannock.”

“I first caught Robust when roadieing for Kill The Witch in their native Bulgaria last year. Their commanding, majestic take on doom blew me away completely and it was an honour for Slump to share the stage with them in Stafford on their first trip to the UK a couple of months ago! Their »Colossal Collisions« EP is a good starting point to the band if you’re unfamiliar, though my pick is »Uniform Angular Motion«, which has a few cool live versions online.

They’ve delivered a haunting rendition of »Negative Creep«, slowing it down to a glacial pace and drawing a completely new meaning out of the song. It’s just as ugly as first time around, but I bet you’ve never heard it played quite like this…”

“Vitiligo is the enigmatic solo project of Joel from Ireosis, though you might also recognise his vocal talents from the last couple of The Sound of Origin albums, which particularly knocked my socks off. We’ve never actually shared a stage or a bill yet, does anyone want to put us on anywhere?

Joel has produced a crushing, industrial take on »Paper Cuts«, probably the nastiest song from »Bleach«, with his signature vocal wail and his arrangement of the track making it colder and bleaker than you’ve ever heard it. »Paper Cuts« isn’t streaming just yet, but you can still listen and buy the song on Bandcamp.”

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