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UK blues/stoner rock band Voodoo Blood unveil a music video for their latest single »Black Mirror

Manchester, UK based blues/stoner rock band Voodoo Blood featuring vocalist Kim Jennett and guitarist Kieran Robertson (Operation: Mindcrime / Geoff Tate) has unveiled a music video for their latest single »Black Mirror«.

Video directed by Sam Fenton and produced by Kieran Robertson.

The voodoo Woman, an entity, a demon created by suffering, pain and anger. Embodying inner darkness in flesh and blood. Despising the pressures of this world, to look, to sound to sing a certain way, to be a certain size and shape to fit a societal mold, she wails a cursed song. Her fury could not withstand the chains she was held down by any longer, Chains of judgement, chains of what people thought she should be. She breaks free, breaks away from the black mirror that rules over us all. The beast walks the earth once again, is she a part of me or am I a part of her.

Voodoo Blood is:
Kim Jennett – Vocals
Kieran Robertson – Guitar
Jack Ross – Bass
Vicky Reader – Drums

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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