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UK psychedelic prog metal project Tales Of A Liquid Dawn presents the new album »Fall Of The Xafyre Dynasty«

UK psychedelic prog metal project Tales Of A Liquid Dawn presents the new album, »Fall Of The Xafyre Dynasty«, which was just released on September 24th, 2022.

01. Tome Of History
02. The Rain Season
03. The Son Escapes
04. Twin Serpents
05. The Qunja Monks
06. The Betrayal And Death Of Emperor Var
07. The Battle For Xafyre Palace
08. The Nomad

“A man is nothing without being bound within the pages of history…” – Emperor Var Xafyre

»The Xafyre Chronicles Part I: Fall Of The Xafyre Dynasty« story by Anthony Yip & Ben Plater. All music by Anthony Yip. Artwork by Ben Plater.

»Tome Of History«
The Xafyre Chronicles tale starts with a withered and aged Emperor Var. After a long life of battles, hardships and the physical and emotional fatigue of sole-ruler, he longs to enter the Tome of History to preserve his legacy and to live in immortality within its pages.

The Tome is bound to the palace by magic seal.

Many years ago, a Qunja High Monk known as Quul Ya became obsessed with the Tome’s power and disappeared after taking part in capturing the Palace from the Fifth Order of Ry’Fe. Rumours that he managed to find a way into the Tome persist.

»The Rain Season«
During the last Rain Season and Harvest, he put his son’s lover to death by execution, unable to accept that he may marry a peasant girl. Var can never forgive himself and longs to reconcile with his estranged son, who fled that day and now leads the Drak’Ard Resistance – an army of city-dwellers who oppose his reign. He knows their attack is imminent and he may well be reunited with his son, albeit as an adversary.

»The Son Escapes«
A short interlude chronicles the son escaping the palace, never to return.

»Twin Serpents«
The Twin Serpents hold a pact with the Emperor to serve him and two of their finest warriors serve as his aides and advisors; The Shield – a protector, inquisitor and ouster of enemies within and The Spear, a masterful and cunning tactician.

The mysterious Xylaa Serpent Race consists only of females and soon their species will die out. To save themselves from mortality, they seek to steal the Tome of History.

The Twin Serpents, Spear and Shield start plotting against the Emperor to steal his place within the Tome of History and a conspiracy of betrayal is born.

»The Qunja Monks«
The Qunja are a peaceful but all-powerful race, known for their use of the intoxicating Lycrid vapours. They build Lycrid Sanctuary Chambers where they practice their ancient throat singing. The chambers are filled with Lycrid vapour and humans are welcome to enter. The Emperor has his own chamber that serves as his personal sanctuary.

The Qunja Monks serve the Dynasty, acting as obedient servants to the palace. They are engineers, cooks, build and maintain the Dynasty’s war vessels but are peaceful and are not involved with the military.

One evening, as the Emperor relaxes and meditates within the Lycrid Chamber, he is murdered.

The Betrayal And Death Of Emperor Var«
Emperor Var sees the glare of the treacherous Twin Serpents as a Xyle Blade is plunged into him; a blade that destroys the physical self and the very soul, the essence of the victim. He will never enter the Tome of History. His tears fall to the chamber floor before becoming blood soaked as he expires.

»The Battle For Xafyre Palace«
Emperor Var’s son, Pyot’r Xafyre learns of his father’s death. He decides it is time to mount an offensive on the Palace and defeat the Xylaa who have taken over.

After a bloody battle, Pyot’r is defeated and is forced to flee. The Xylaa reign supreme over Cryess for now…

»The Nomad«
Pyot’r is forced to flee his birth home again, his home planet now run by the Xylaa who murdered his father. Is he to be resigned to the life of a nomad?

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