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US southern hard rock band Mississippi Bones presents their new full-length album »Creature Features & Cult Classics«

US southern hard rock band Mississippi Bones presents their new full-length album, »Creature Features & Cult Classics«, which dropped on January 14th, 2022.

01. Attack Of The Salamander Riders
02. Jones Nutria: A Dystopia We Can Believe In
03. The Alligator Man Of Champaign Co.
04. Dr. Abomination’s Happy Time Flesh Cult
05. Interview With An Android
06. Exiled: The Untold Story Of Ivan Deprume
07. Do You Want Giant Atomic Hellbeasts, Because That’s How You Get Giant Atomic Hellbeasts!
08. Devil Girl From Mars
09. The Big Rot
10. Mutant Uprising
11. Sigid Btchr 9.99Mhz – 99.9Mhz

Nestled in the flat lands of Hardin County, Ohio, Mississippi Bones has been pummeling the world with fat slabs o’rock for over 10 years and counting. With a catalog consisting of six studio albums and numerous singles and EPs, the Bones have created a rich history full of swampy riffs, pop culture references, and sci-fi shenanigans.

Written, recorded and performed by Mississippi Bones.
Mixed and mastered by Josh Palmer at Zombietakeover Studios.
Cover art by Steve Beltrondo and Design by Jared Collins.
Solo on »Devil Girl From Mars« by Terry Sharp.

Mississippi Bones are:
Dusty Donley – Guitars
Jared Collins – Vocals
Derik “The Moustache” Dunson – Guitars, Vocals
Jason Rector – Bass
Jason Miller – Drums
Heather “Baby Swiss Pissy Sheets” Collins – Backing Vocals

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