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US space/prog/stoner rockers Deorbit share the second single »Terrakinetic« taken from their debut album »Retrogradient«

Milwaukee, Wisconsin based instrumental space/prog/stoner rock band Deorbit share the second single »Terrakinetic« taken from their debut album, »Retrogradient«, set to release on November 10th, 2023.

01. Retrogradient
02. Perihelion
03. Terrakinetic
04. Lunambulant
05. Glaciovore
06. Calderasure
07. Senescence
08. Stratolith
09. Deorbit

Courtesy of Asher Media Relations:

Deorbit mimic the moving Earth on next epic »Terrakinetic« off instrumental prog doom album »Retrogradient«

Milwaukee, WI, USA’s Deorbit is an enigmatic musical journey set to captivate listeners with its thought-provoking compositions and unique blend of genres. Sonic boundaries will be pushed with the new album »Retrogradient« – a distinctive collection of tracks that invites audiences to delve into the cosmos, where the boundaries of stone replace the vastness of the sky. The second single off this whirlwind of a release is »Terrakinetic«, which the band comments on, along with the album:

“The album ebbs and flows through a planetary adventure, from the origins of humanity during the time of the big bang, to the depths of the molten core, onwards to the atmosphere, and everything in between through a natural lens and one that is more surreal. The single »Terrakinetic« is lumbering and focused on a simple groove, mimicking the mechanics of moving the earth.”

Inspired by the profound words of Carl Sagan, who once said, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself”, Deorbit’s music and album art aim to embody this sentiment. »Retrogradient« seamlessly balances heaviness and clarity, offering complex musicality without compromising the significance of songwriting.

Deorbit’s creative process begins with the composition of all songs on the guitar, followed by collaborative arrangements with the band members, who contribute their bass and drum parts. Subsequently, harmonic elements are meticulously added to complete the compositions.

Deorbit invites listeners to embark on an unparalleled sonic journey that challenges the boundaries of conventional music, it is especially recommended for fans of Hum, The Fucking Champs, and Voivod.

»Retrogradient« is due out on November 10, 2023, and is available for pre-order at

Album credits:​
All songs written and performed by Deorbit.
Mixed by Dylan Patterson.
Mastered by Jeff Wojtysiak.
Artwork by James Becker.

Recording band lineup:​
James Becker – Bass, Cello
Jerry Hauppa – Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer
Hurdy Gurdy – Synth, Violin
Antonio Ninham – Drums

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