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Weedian presents insight into diverse Dutch heavy rock scene with their new compilation »Trip To The Netherlands«

Weedian presents insight into diverse Dutch heavy rock scene with their new compilation »Trip To The Netherlands« featuring artists such as 7Zuma7, 35007, The Machine, Herder, Toner Low, Komatsu, Astrosoniq, Drive By Wire, Hooded Priest, Phantom Druid, Death Alley, Gas Giant, Bismut and many more.

01. Sungrazer – Common Believer
02. 35007 – Powertruth
03. Radar Men From The Moon – Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones
04. 7Zuma7 – Over&Over&Over
05. Toner Low – Duster
06. The Machine – Moons Of Neptune
07. Heavy Lord – Eternal Crawl
08. Baardvader – The Great Escape
09. Death Alley – Supernatural Predator
10. Desert Colossus – Tear Me Down
11. Snowburner – Reap The Sown
12. Gas Giant – Electric Maze
13. Mantra Machine – Predator
14. Stonerfront Nijmegen – Sandchaser
15. Monomyth – LHC
16. Thammuz – Speed Machine
17. Whooom – King Mozzadorrah
18. Gigatron 2000 – Battle Beyond The Sun
19. Chief Of Smoke – Desert Queen
20. Tank86 – Gilgamesh
21. Komatsu – Stare Into The Dawn
22. Urban Graveyard – 21st Century Prostitute
23. Black Burned Blimp – What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Weirder
24. Tricklebolt – I’ve Seen Skies Pt. 2
25. Karmic Seeds – The Black Witch Of Mount Sinjar
26. Bismut – Varasaga
27. Drive By Wire – Mammoth
28. Hooded Priest – Herod Again
29. Phantom Druid – Remission Of Sins
30. Astrosoniq – As Soon As They Got Airborne…
31. Herder – The Foul Year
32. No Man’s Valley – Kill The Bees
33. Temple Fang – A Strange Place To Land
34. Yama – Hollow
35. Cosmic Debris – Interstellar Solar Race
36. Het Droste Effect – Ugandaze
37. Massa – Shiva
38. S.I.M.B. – Satan Is My Bitch
39. Tamarin Desert – Dreams
40. Splinter – Robothell
41. The Vanders (ex-Dead Wizards) – No Way Out
42. I Saw The Deep – Vimana
43. Greenstone – Far Beyond the Tannhäuser Gate

Before the turn of the millenium bands like 13eaver, 7Zuma7 and 35007 planted a seed in the low lands which – with the help of the prestige surrounding Roadburn Festival – flourished into a thriving underground scene that has been gaining momentum ever since. Despite it’s obvious lack of deserts, epic landscapes and other typical impressions of the heavy rock scenes The Netherlands has produced serious sonic soundscapes that raise the altitude within (think Sungrazer/Mirador, The Machine/Solar Corona) and make you space out in the vastness of it all (Monomyth/Monomyth). With the surge of upcoming heavy acts in the underground scene of the last few years it’s time to sit back and enjoy the finest selection of Dutch fuzz!

Words by Eric (Mantra Machine)

Cover art by Halaman13 Project.

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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