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American psychedelic doom/stoner metal outfit Tombstunner releases a visualizer video for their new single »House Of Frankenstein«

Grand Rapids, Michigan based psychedelic doom/stoner metal outfit Tombstunner has released a visualizer video for their new single, entitled »House Of Frankenstein«.

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Hailing from West Michigan, Tombstunner writes songs that force ugliness and beauty to fight for dominance over every moment. Southern fried riffs, soaring melodies, soul-drenched lyrics, and endless hooks that will only leave you wanting more. There’s a relentless energy that is undeniably felt both onstage and in their debut album, »Call To The Void«. Not safe for those with weak necks.

Tombstunner is a band that wants to confuse you. They’re born from the cold, dead state of Michigan yet electrify with one Southern fried riff after another. Crushing guitars that force one’s head to whip with relentless inertia bulldozing a pathway for soaring melodies that lift you up with rockets strapped to your back. Anguished vocals bellow over pummeling drums in a way that it’s not so far fetched to think they were there the night Robert Johnson sold his soul. Yet when it feels like the journey is nothing but intensity, they’re quick to remind you that there is always room for pop sensibilities with hooks that claw their way into your ears and hibernate for good. Tombstunner combines these elements to bring you a sonic journey completely unique in modern hard rock and metal. Sometimes you call the void and well, sometimes the void, it calls you.

Tombstunner released their colossal full-length debut album »Call To The Void« in January 2021. Over 45 minutes of beauty and ugliness wrestling with each like a pair of pit vipers. »Call To The Void« was written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tombstunner themselves. A brazen move that can only be compared to a machine that makes machines. No matter your takeaway is through the layers of symbiotic vocals, walls of guitars, soul-drenched lyrics, and pounding velocity; one message is clear… They have a vision and will let nothing else stand in the way of that vision being completed.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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