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American stoner/grunge/alternative rock band Kanawha returns with their second full-length album »Broken Branches«!

Reno, Nevada based stoner/grunge/alternative rock band Kanawha returns with their second full-length album, »Broken Branches«, which was just released on September 15th, 2023.

01. Strings
02. Evil Roots
03. Destroyer
04. Long Lost
05. Beast Out
06. Holding
07. Last Stand
08. Screaming Eagle

Kanawha is back after 3 years with »Broken Branches« and some new angles to its doom-metal sound.

There’s a funny little intersection on the rock and roll highway (to hell or heaven, take your pick). At this crossroads, there is a four-way stop where each corner represents a different style: timeless stoner/doom metal, ‘70s Southern rock boogie, ‘90s grunge and alternative music, and the modern noise/sludge movement.

Kanawha is parked right in the center of this puppy, something clearly evident from its second album, »Broken Branches«, also its first on the ToneMark Sounds label from its hometown of Reno, Nev.

Pronounced KEN-uh-wuh, the band Kanawha starts with guitarist and band founder Anthony Collyer-Ashworth and singer Mark Earnest, both with deep roots in West Virginia that gave birth to the band’s name. The group started in 2016 and in 2018 released three quick and dirty live-to-digital EPs in a row to start the group off.

Kanawha’s full-length debut, »The Sky Was The First To Fall«, was released in the middle of pandemic times in 2020, but still managed to sell out its first pressing and earn the band fans from around the world. Mixed by Elephant Rifle drummer Michael Young, the record earned plaudits from online fans, podcasters and others who dig the doom.

Kanawha is (from left to right): Anthony Collyer-Ashworth (guitar), Mark Earnest (vocals), Alex Alcantar (bass), Julian Iosty (drums, backing vocals).

With current members Alex Alcantar on bass and Julian Iosty on drums, Kanawha took their time recording album no. 2. »Broken Branches« features songs about addictions (»Strings«, »Long Lost«), ghosts from the past (»Last Stand«, »Evil Roots«), tributes to heroes (»Screaming Eagle«, »Holding«) and tributes to villains (»Beast Out«, »Destroyer«).

Recorded by Ashworth at the Great Divide Den studio in Reno, »Broken Branches« represents a progression for the stoner/doom norm, but with enough riffology to not get the band tossed out of this frankly very bitchin’ club. They’ll be taking these songs out on the road and are still constantly writing new material for future endeavors.

All music by Kanawha.
Lyrics by Mark Earnest except »Long Lost« and »Last Stand« by Anthony Collyer-Ashworth.
Produced by Kanawha.
Engineered and mastered by Anthony Collyer-Ashworth.
Recorded at The Great Divide Den in the back half of 2022.

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