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Australian hard rock/heavy psych/blues rock collective Buffalo Crows return with their new album »Blood«

Australian hard rock/heavy psych/blues rock collective Buffalo Crows is back with their new album, »Blood«, which was just released on November 25th, 2023.

01. Blood / New World Heart Attack
02. Children Of The Sun
03. The Ruin Of All Witches
04. Beds Of Coal (2024)
05. Joe’s Midnight Sauce
06. Please Come Home
07. Country Road
08. Dead Again
09. Great Remover
10. Shed No Tears
11. Groundhog

Buffalo Crows came to the top of the rise and surveyed the land before them. it was green and verdant. They saw that it was good. A new dawn rose. Birds tweeted. Cows gamboled on the lush plains below. A vision of rampaging guitars and wild, soulful harmonica came to them. they went down to the valley to play. Australian heavy rock, metal and roots ‘n roll. Hear and believe.

“Buffalo Crows have returned from an extended hiatus in the wilderness of modern day society at large. We have seen plague, the passing of loved ones, the birth of new loved ones and the upheaval of the world around us.

Crippled by scurvy and lockdowns we managed to lumber forward to record the sounds we we’re imagining in our collective heads. Working at the lumber yard was hard.

We proudly present our new album »Blood« for your consideration. The blues soaked heavy rock guitar and harmonica driven soul is strong on this album. »Blood« is in part a tribute to our brother Joe Barton who appears on the album posthumously, with some of his last recorded work with the band. His fiery axeman’s jazz is beyond reproach and continues to impress and delight those who appreciate his masterful untamed and wild style.

Multi instrumentalists John McMullen and Paul Scarabelli are also an important part of »Blood«. As producers, their patient listening and expertise have managed to capture once again Buffalo Crows’ powerful back to basics sound and feel. As musicians their playing has helped bring that feel further to life.
Play it loud and blow your speakers!”

Produced, mixed and mastered by Paul Scarabelli and John McMullen.
Artwork by Chris Harrendence.

Buffalo Crows on this release:
Richard – Vocals, Guitar
Joe – Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitar
Russ – Harmonica and Vocals
Nik – Bass
Paul – Keyboards, Bass, Lead Guitar and Drums
John – Keyboards, Bass, Lead Guitar and Drums
Eric – Lead and Classical Guitar (Track 3)
Otis – Lead and Backing Vocals
Caitlin – Lead and Backing Vocals

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