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Austrian alternative/stoner rock outfit Ultima Radio presents their third full-length album »Sleep Panic Repeat«

Graz, Austria based alternative/stoner rock outfit Ultima Radio presents their third full-length album, »Sleep Panic Repeat«, which dropped on May 6th, 2022.

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01. Rush
02. Blame
03. Melt Away
04. Deaf When Hearing
05. White Noise
06. Borderline
07. Anti-You
08. Mute When Speaking
09. Animals
10. Black Swan
11. Manic
12. Blind When Seeing
13. Neverday

Says the band: “»Sleep Panic Repeat« depicts a cycle of three different emotional states that are constantly reoccurring. It describes the vicious cycle that sometimes makes us spiral down into a sense of powerlessness to bring an end to that cycle. Our goal was to showcase this idea in a very minimalistic but intense way. Each one of the cycles on our vinyl covers were burned into them at the end of our full album performance video by the help of self-made fixtures on the covers that were surrounded by a filament that we heated up at the end of our last song. It was a process that was deeply connected to our music and also expressed a degree of anger and urgency to make aware of this societal development.

»Black Swan« was the first single from »Sleep Panic Repeat« and thus gave the first impression of how our next album would sound and feel like. The song is all about winning back control over one’s own life and about embracing challenges that lie ahead. We wanted to make the video consistent with both the song’s message as well its overall drifty and lullaby-like sound. This resulted in a video that marked by the deliberate use of repitition and black color, resembling the inevitable setbacks everyone will eventually face.

»Animals« was the second single and was chosen deliberately to show the much wilder and more impulsive side of the album. We thought that this was a good moment after the long break due to Covid-19 and our first, more melancholic single »Black Swan« to really be noisy and loud once again, showing that now is the time to let it all out and regain that long awaited energy. It also serves as a warning to become more careful about social and environmental self-destructive behaviour, and to take many of our challenges ahead more seriously.”

Ultima Radio is a stoner rock Band from Graz, Austria. Forming in March 2014, this quintet performs a style of stoner rock billed as “Ultima Rock”.

The style of the band is influenced by a variety of other genres and bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Rage Against The Machine or Nirvana but rather refers to a term called ‘Ultima Rock’ which, in the band’s point of view, describes a mixture of melodic and heavy riffs in combination with a vast range of sounds, massive and multifaceted. One prominent feature is the experimentation with exceptional sounds from bizarre and dark to sharp and bright in combination with a rather exotic voice. This becomes perceptible in their passionate and versatile live performances which give the best example of the attempt to create a dynamic and atmospheric sound.

Written, arranged and performed by Ultima Radio.
Produced by Julian Jauk (Tonstudio Grelle Musik).
Recorded by Tom Zwanzger (Stress Studio) and Julian Jauk (Tonstudio Grelle Musik).
Mixed by Julian Jauk (Tonstudio Grelle Musik).
Mastered by Bernd Heinrauch (Schwarzau Underground).

Ultima Radio is:
Zdravko Konrad – Vocals
Julian Jauk – Guitar, Vocals
Benjamin Krause – Guitar
Bernd Hausegger – Bass
Paul Krassnitzer – Drums

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