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Austrian instrumental psych/space/jam rock trio Illusions Of An Orange dropped new one-track EP »Sleep Paralysis Demon«

Vienna, Austria based instrumental psych/space/jam rock trio Illusions Of An Orange presents their new one-track EP, »Sleep Paralysis Demon«, which just dropped on October 3rd, 2023.

One take jams taken straight from the rehearsal room. A one way ticket to space. It’s all an illusion. Might as well be the imagination of an orange.

On the journey through the cosmos a haunting presence makes itself known. It emerges from the depths of dreams and its malevolent essence lingers in the shadows, targeting those who seek the mystical realms of Zestron. With an eerie and dark tone the Orangonauts encounter this sinister entity through chilling whispers and unsettling melodies. The “Veilweaver” wants them to succumb to the allure of their deepest fears and doubts. It seeks to ensnare their minds in a web of darkness, tempting them to abandon their path towards enlightenment, surrender to the grip of fear, hesitation, and uncertainty and ultimately deterring them from reaching the mystical realms of the Orangeverse.

Recorded on June 26, 2023.
Mixed by Manuel Vlasic.
Mastered by Dario Köstinger.

Illusions Of An Orange is:
Manuel Vlasic – Guitar, Synthesizer
Moe Wyzner – Bass
Chris Simon – Drums, Percussion

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