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Belgian funeral doom metal one-man band Until Death Overtakes Me returns with his new studio opus »Collapse Of Light«

Belgian funeral doom metal one-man band Until Death Overtakes Me featuring Stijn Van Cauter (Arcane Voidsplitter, Beyond Black Void, Desperandum Gothica, Gruulvoqh, Inframonolithium, The Ethereal, The Nulll Collective) returns with his new studio opus, »Collapse Of Light«, which was just released on February 27th, 2022.

01. Dread
02. Collapse Of Light
03. Aeons Away From Home
04. Death-blooms Perpetuate
05. Dread Afterimage

Stijn Van Cauter comments: “A fair bit of time has passed since the latest UDOM concept albums, »Antemorten« (2017) and »Missing« (2018). I released other albums since then, but those were either instrumentals, or didn’t have a single unifying concept behind the music.

»Collapse Of Light« is the first album of the next UDOM chapter, offering two hours of funeral doom right away.

Work on this chapter started in 2016 already, and there are a few elements that date back even further. Sometimes it just takes a bit before ideas solidify into music (and I don’t tend to rush such things). I have no ETA on any next installments, but will likely release other UDOM albums in the meanwhile.

Donations are very much appreciated.

»Collapse Of Light« is also available as 2 CD-rs. Check the store page on my website at”

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