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Belgian progressive post-metal trio Psychonaut mark one year anniversary of »Violate Consensus Reality« as EU tour kicks off!

Mechelen, Belgium based progressive post-metal trio Psychonaut drops an acoustic version of »Violate Consensus Reality«. This is the title track from their 2022 album »Violate Consensus Reality« and will be featured on a special 10” vinyl release via Pelagic Records.

The band comments: “It’s here! To celebrate the first anniversary of »Violate Consensus Reality«, we challenged ourselves to record a 100% acoustic version of the title track, with not a single instrument being plugged in.

This was a huge challenge but we are very proud of the result. This version only has clean vocals and also includes a guest performance by our good friend Dieter Vaganée on flute. You may know him from his beautiful saxophone solo on the outro for »Nothing Is Conciousless«.

Although this acoustic version fits the gloomy November weather, we recorded the video on the hottest day of the year in one of the hottest locations in Belgium: De Kalmthoutse Heide. We want to extend a massive thanks to our amazing video crew: Toon Persyn, Sander Blok, Pauwel Biliau and Fausto Fazzari.

We also want to thank our producer Chiaran Verheyden for doing a beautiful job on recording, mixing and mastering this unique track. We want to give a massive shoutout to Rammeloo Guitars as well for letting us use their custom built acoustic bass guitar. Finally, we want to thank D’Addario and Co. for providing us with the right strings for this unique, experimental song.”

Photo by Christophe Brysse

Courtesy of Pelagic Records:

Psychedelic post-metal power-trio Psychonaut have delivered a mesmerising acoustic version of »Violate Consensus Reality« from their acclaimed 2022 album of the same name. Taken from a 10” vinyl version scheduled for a December release via the band’s label Pelagic Records.

Dynamically delicate yet still resonating with the Belgian band’s captivating musicianship, this special acoustic re-release features a celestial flute solo that serves as resounding proof of Psychonaut’s unrivalled cosmic heaviness.

»Violate Consensus Reality« (Acoustic Version) can be pre-ordered now:

Released in October 2022, the acclaimed second album from the Belgian three-piece takes you on a visceral trip into collective human consciousness. A journey marked by explosive riffs, soaring vocals and intricate yet catchy compositions. An impressive album which cements Psychonauts standing as aspirants to the throne of the contemporary European progressive/post-metal community.

“We’ve always been interested in religion, spirituality and philosophy,” explains vocalist/guitarist Stefan de Graef about the music of Psychonaut. “We’ve meditated together, had long discussions about the nature of life, and we share a common vision.”

“We distance ourselves from a system that is based on the idea that humanity is fundamentally bad and needs protection from itself in the form of a hierarchy,” continues De Graef about Psychonaut’s latest album. “By no longer subscribing to the notion that we are all separate beings in a separate world that is dead and pointless, we embrace the vision of a new civilisation that is rooted in the idea that we are part of a living, sacred universe.”

Likening our present state of separation to “an island on oceans grown, de-signed to bear unpredictable wrath,” the band accompanies their denunciation by punishing riffs and heavily syncopated rhythms, grabbing you by your guts and taking you on a turbulent journey.

»Violate Consensus Reality« engages the senses in a way that is quite rare for concept albums, it is raw and brutal, unlike the lofty concept albums of yore with their endlessly repeating motifs and needlessly complex song structures. It stands in a long tradition of activism in music, but it also deconstructs this tradition by taking its loud and admonishing tone and providing it with a thoughtful base rooted in philosophy and spirituality.

Psychonaut will tour Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium this month:
02/11 – Bahnhof Pauli, Hamburg (DE)
03/11 – Burgerweeshuis, Deventer (NL)
10/11 – Schon Schön, Mainz (DE)
11/11 – Moritzbastei, Leipzig (DE)
12/11 – Backstage, München (DE)
18/11 – Helldorado, Eindhoven (NL)
18/11 – Aauw IJzer, Oud-Turnhout (BE)
22/11 – Cactus Club, Brugge (BE)
16/12 – Jubez, Karlsruhe (DE)
17/12 – Badehaus, Berlin (DE)
29/12 – CC nova, Nazareth (BE)
30/12 – Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)


Psychonaut is:
Thomas Michiels – Bass, Vocals
Stefan de Graef – Guitars, Vocals
Harm Peters – Drums

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