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Belgian psychedelic black metal act Wolvennest shares a music video for the track »Succubus« featuring King Dude

Belgian psychedelic black metal act Wolvennest shares a music video for the track »Succubus« featuring King Dude on guest vocals.

Video was done by King Dude for their performance at Roadburn Redux in 2021.

The band comments: “In April 2021 (seems like one hundred years ago), we performed »Temple« at Roadburn Redux. But someone was missing. Due to travel restrictions, King Dude was unable to come and perform »Succubus«. Since frustration is never a solution, he sent us a weird and claustrophobic video that we projected during the performance. You can now watch this video on the Ván Records channel and feel the »Succubus« vibe. This song is special and we hope we’ll be able to play it one day with our American comrade!”

Courtesy of Ván Records:

Wolvennest were started in 2013 by Kirby Michel, Corvus Von Burtle and Marc De Backer. It proposes a compositional process of guitar loops, repetitive beats, synthesizers keys mixed to darkened hypnotic ambient vocal sounds. Their debut album (2016), featuring Der Blutharsch and The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand members Albin Julius and Marthynna as guests and co-writers of the album, was described as a mix of 70’s krautrock psychedelic sounds mixed with early 90’s Norwegian black metal, the whole unfolding like a swirling movie score.

Their second album »Void« (2018) channelled a more dark energy with mysterious vibes, and brought the Nest in the most occult festivals and places of Europe such as House Of The Holy, Chaos Descends, A Thousand Lost Civilizations Brussels Festival, Roadburn Festival, Sauzipf Rocks Festival, Invoking the Ancient Ritual, as well as supporting acts such as Wolves In A Throne Room, Dool, Electric Wizard, Urfaust and many others. The album artwork cover painting named “Uni” was offered by musician/artist Bobby Beausoleil and worked perfectly with the occult and ritual musical approach of the Nest.

April 2019 saw Wolvennest performing the album »Void« live in its entirety for a unique show on the mainstage of Roadburn Festival with an exclusive line-up made of Shazzula (vocals/theremin), Michel Kirby (guitar), Corvus Von Burtle (guitar), Marc De Backer (guitar), John Marx (bass), Bram Moerenhout (drums), DéHà (vocals) and lead member of The Ruins Of Beverast Alexander Von Meilenwald (vocals) as special guest. All the visuals were made and screened by A Thousand Lost Civilizations, and are part of the Nest since the very beginning. In the meantime Wolvennest brought out an exclusive 3 song EP named »Vortex”. From that moment the Nest followed their ascension of shows all over Europe and joined in February 2020 bands and close friends Dread Sovereign and Saturnalia Temple for a ten days tour which ended by a special night at venue Ancienne Belgique, an ultime occasion for the Nest to record the »Ritual MMXX« live album in their hometown Brussels.

In March 2020 Wolvennest started the recordings of their third full-length album, at the beginning of the pandemic which was diving humanity in obscure days and an unprecedented situation. For this opus every member injected soul, heart, sweat and opened the gates of their temple with songs as »Mantra«, »Swear To Fire«, »Disappear«, »Succubus« (featuring a collaboration with TJ Cowgill from King Dude on vocals) and »Souffle de Mort«, which is closing »Temple« with an ultimate witchy occult ceremony moment.

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