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Berlin stoner rock trio Samavayo share a brand new music video for remix of their Googoosh cover »Talāgh«

Photo by Danny Kötter

Berlin stoner rock trio Samavayo share a brand new music video for remix of their Googoosh cover »Talāgh«. Originally composed by the famous Iranian singer and disco queen Googoosh in the 1970s.

»Talāgh« is the 3rd single taken from Samavayo’s latest album, »Pāyān«, which was released on March 25th, 2022 via Noisolution.

Courtesy of Noisolution:

The Samavayo album »Pāyān« got its deserved feedback and we are on the third vinyl pressing. It’s even worse that the tour with their Ukrainian friends Stoned Jesus had to be cancelled (and somehow unimaginable that these guys don’t play on stages in Europe but “defend their homeland”. So it’s still hard to move on to the daily business, but what’s left for us?)

Samavayo’s third video »Talāgh« is an animated, psychedelic and groovy one. It was originally composed by the famous iranian singer and Disco Queen Googoosh in the 1970s. The toolish rhythms mix with the oriental sound and Iranian vocals (Samavayo’s singer is a refugee from Iran coming to Germany in the age of three) bring this song to something unique and very special.

The band comments: “Why we choose to remix Googoosh »Talāgh«? To make a remix of Googoosh »Talāgh« felt kind of natural for us. The melodies of Googooshs song are both, oriental and western style influenced, like our music from Samavayo is too. Talagh is originally composed for the disco dancefloor. We added our spicey heavy stoner rock sound to it, changed the arrangement and Stephan created a whole new rhythm for our version of »Talāgh«. So we think we created a »Talāgh« remix with a heavy but still dance-attitude. You can dance but also mosh. Another aspect for choosing »Talāgh« to remix was the fact, that Behrang’s mom used to sing the song for him, when he was a kid. So there is also the sentimental aspect.”

»Pāyān«. The end. Persian.

Samavayo deals a lot with “the end” in terms of content on their new album. The end of the bad, of the good, the end of humanity, end of the way we treat our planet. It’s about the destruction of our planet, division, racism, greed, exploitation, war, isolation, loneliness. But every end means at the same time a beginning, a new start and beginning. »Pāyān« – the seventh album of Samavayo in the 22nd year of its existence is fresh and full of energy and power!

“Our sound has never been so clear from the ground up as it is on this album. We definitely can say that after 22 years we have finally found our sound.”

Musically, the record is different from its predecessors: more heavy, more prog, lots of anger and a pinch of punk, Alice In Chains vocals, and last but not least some unusual guitar soli are added by a illustrious bunch of guests who visited the studio: Igor Sydorenko (Stoned Jesus), Tommi Holappa (Greenleaf, Dozer), Nick DiSalvo (Elder) and Willi Paschen (Coogans Bluff) didn’t take long to contribute.

Without too much “world music” sounds, the trio has continued to incorporate oriental sounds, including two songs with Persian vocals again. The title track, as well as the cover version »Talāgh« by Iranian pop superstar Googoosh have become extremely gritty versions that rhythmically would also suit Tool well.

»Shot Shot Shot Shot« is, as the song title says, straight in the face. A hard uptempo number that leaves no questions unanswered.

»Transcend! Exceed!« comes ingratiating, melodic, riff-heavy and compact. One album. Seven songs. No failure. Extensive arrangements, a grandiose production by Richard Behrens (Kadavar, Silvershark, among others). More versatile than ever, uncompromising and hard-hitting.

But also otherwise the band looks beyond the horizon and has ideals and goals that definitely show that you have grown not only musically. “As a musician, you often travel long distances to concerts. That’s why we decided to compensate our CO2- emissions by investing in sustainable projects. Our website server runs on “green electricity”, we produce fair trade shirts and we look to use as little plastic or recycled material as possible in the production of the records.”

An extraordinary album and a special band that has not stopped for more than two decades and always has new goals. More than remarkable and no end seems in sight.

Recorded and mixed by Richard Behrens at Big Snuff Studio Berlin.
Mastered by Pascal Stoffels.

Samavayo is:
Stephan Voland – Drums, Vocals
Andreas Voland – Bass, Vocals
Behrang Alavi – Vocals, Guitar

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