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Bongtower unveil a lyric video for the new single »Mars« taken from their upcoming concept album »Oscillator II«

Russian psychedelic sludge/stoner metal outfit Bongtower has unveiled a lyric video for the new single »Mars« taken from their upcoming concept album, »Oscillator II«, which will be released on January 19th, 2022 via the band’s own imprint Bong Rider Records.

01. Phase ∞
02. For All Mankind
03. Solar System Exploration
04. Mariner 10
05. Mercury
06. Venera 13
07. Venus
08. Viking 1,2
09. Mars
10. Pioneer 10,11
11. Jupiter
12. Voyager 1
13. Saturn
14. Voyager 2
15. Uranus
16. Neptune
17. Alpha (Vangelis cover)

Bongtower is a psychedelic stoner doom band from Stavropol, Russia. Themes of songs are about our universe, where there have always been interesting individuals with alternative thinking about people with a difficult ideology starting with inquisitors continuing scientists and ending with astronauts. Powerful, viscous and hypnotic riffs immerse you in history from occult rituals to deep space.

A story about the most outstanding space probes and planets in our solar system! In a new concept album… »Oscillator II«. Out January 19. Pre-order now:

All music by Bongtower.
Recorded by Revolvers Studio.
Produced, album design and lyrics by Iordanis Chobanyan.

Narrated by Evgeny Rumyantsev.
Acoustic guitar on »Alpha« by Aleksander Samarin.
Clean vocals on »For All Mankind« and »Merqury« by Dethcrusher.

Bongtower is:
Evgeny Badaev – Vocals
Iordanis Chobanyan – Guitar / FX / Synths
Aleksander Samarin – Bass / FX
Dethcrusher – Drums / Vocals

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