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Brazilian atmospheric pagan doom cult Ashtoreth announce debut album »Bruxólico«; watch a music video for the first single »Lua Errante«

Brazilian atmospheric pagan doom cult Ashtoreth has announced their debut album, »Bruxólico«, which will be released via Dejeto Sonoro Records, Fat Zombie Records and Antichrist Holligans Distro.

Watch a music video for the first single »Lua Errante« below!

01. Convenção das Bruxas no Pântano do Sul
02. Lua Errante
03. Serpente nos Cabelos
04. Children Of Ocean
05. Majestade Caída
06. Retorno de Lúcifer

In the fall of 2020, Ashtoreth appeared. A musical project that consists of a trilogy based on the three faces (three acts) of the sacred feminine: the young virgin, the mother and the old woman. In this first act (»Ato I Bruxólico«), part of the immersion of the sound experience with the incorporation of elements of oriental and ethnic paganism, in his compositions he rescues the combination of occult rock doom plus the atmospheric experimentalism of dark ambient. In addition to evoking ethnic and rhythmic textures, it also brings a darker drone ambience, providing performance experimentation. The lyrics invite to a true pagan worship ceremony to the witchcraft roots. that populate the popular history of Nossa Senhora do Desterro (Florianópolis) through the tales of the folklorist Franklin Cascaes, and that at the same time pay homage to literary avatars such as Cruz and Sousa, in their occult, rebellious and liberating poetics. »Bruxólico« is a journey and a rescue of the atavistic memory of past ages. The work reveals the influence of poetic Satanism, the cult of matriarchy and ancient traditions, which makes it timeless on an artistic level. Good trip…

Ashtoreth is:
Meimendro Negro – Vocals
Cerviciam – Guitars, Vocals
Veneficus – Bass
Opium – Drums, Percussions, Vocals, Effects

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