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Brazilian stoner/doom metal band Presidente Judas presents their self-titled debut album, out now via Electric Funeral Records

São Paulo, Brazil based stoner/doom metal band Presidente Judas presents their self-titled debut album, released on October 6th, 2023 via Electric Funeral Records.

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01. Velho Jack
02. Evil Woman
03. Labirinto da Morte
04. No Name
05. Bruxas
06. Paranoxx

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Politics, religion, power and a certain controversial mysticism. The new self-titled album of Brazilian doom metal band Presidente Judas once again explores themes already covered by the band, such as religion, society and mysticism, now with a heavier, slower and dirtier sound. The album’s name was chosen because represents the band’s sound intention since its inception, therefore the new release arrives as an official presentation of Presidente Judas.

In addition to the different sound of the first EP, more punk-ish, the band brings another new feature: songs sung in English, without leaving aside the native language, so there are 3 tracks in English and 3 in Portuguese. The name “President Judas” refers to a medieval torture object which consists of a chair full of thorns. Some of the lyrics talk about the atrocities that were committed in the terrible “Dark Ages”, which gives its name to one of the band’s first songs, released as a single in 2019.

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Within this theme of criticism of old medieval customs, mainly referring to the Catholic church, we have the track »Bruxas« (Witches) which is a kind of cry of revolt and female empowerment, which addresses the resistance of the so-called “witches” of the inquisition and contemporary women today with its striking chorus “Witches Resist, Witches Exist”.

The album brings together songs that reinforce opinions already presented in the first EP such as the repudiation of a system that has as its principle the exploitation, suffering and control of the masses, (covered in the track »No Name«). It’s no secret the band’s opinion about religious institutions, which, through faith, control masses with punitive ideologies and which impute sadistic guilt to people simply for existing. This critical view is present in the track »Paranox«.

The objective of this album is to stimulate the rebellious and questioning side that exists in each of us, to remind us of our ephemerality and not to get attached to the infinite or the absolute, as everything is changeable.

Presidente Judas is:
Sara – Vocals
Nathalia – Vocals
Ygor – Guitar
Felipe – Bass
Rodrigo – Drums

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