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Brazilian stoner metal trio Cosmic Rover unveil a lyric video for the track »Dreams« from their sophomore full-lenght album »Heavy«

Photo by Guto Portugal

Brazilian stoner metal trio Cosmic Rover has unveiled a lyric video for the track »Dreams« from their sophomore full-lenght album, »Heavy«, out on December 15th, 2021 via Abraxas Records.

Drummer and vocalist Edson Graseffi comments: “It’s out!! We are presenting the first of the series of three videos that we prepared to continue promoting the album »Heavy«, released at the end of last year. The first track is »Dreams«, which comes in lyric video format.

These videos show scenes of the band recording live and have different references for each song. The entire recording process was recorded so that a documentary about the album could be produced in the sequence. Checking these recordings, I realized that we had incredible material there. So, together with the videomaker Guto Portugal, who is producing this documentary, I started designing each video.

The production of all this material is being done by Guto Portugal and, in addition to »Dreams«, we will release videos for »Catch Me«, which will feature animations created by me, and »Just Let Me Free«, which closes the album’s repertoire and brings an excerpt of the song where is Xande singing in Portuguese.”

»Heavy« is the second full-lenght album by the São Paulo band Cosmic Rover. The album was produced by the well-known producer Henrique “Baboom” Canalle, who has been working for many years with renowned bands in the heavy music scene, as well as being the bassist for several bands, including Jeff Scott Soto’s band.

»Heavy« brings 7 tracks, recorded using the same recording process as previous releases, that is, with the capture of the recording made live, with everyone playing at the same time in the same room, as was done in the 70s. It’s used by the band, to go against the grain of modern productions, full of studio effects and protool edits.

01. Fast Cars
02. Dreams
03. Catch Me
04. The Black Sheep
05. Fly On
06. Stoned Moon
07. Just Let Me Free

Cosmic Rover is a Brazilian band that was formed by drummer and vocalist Edson Graseffi, after the end of his band Panzer. One of the giants of Brazilian thrash metal and who had a 27-year career.

The trio brings in its formation drummer Edson Graseffi (former drummer of Panzer), a well-known musician in the Brazilian scene, who in Cosmic Rover also fulfills the role of vocalist, recognized as one of the few vocalists/drummers in the world. On bass, Rodrigo Felix (experienced musician from the São Paulo scene) and also the novelty in the lineup that is the entry of guitarist Xande Saraiva (known vocalist and guitarist of the Brazilian band Baranga) who is now responsible for the 6 strings of Cosmic Rover.

Cosmic Rover is:
Edson Graseffi – Vocals, Drums
Xande Saraiva – Guitar
Rodrigo Felix – Bass

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