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Brazilian stoner rock band Desert Flag stream their debut album »The Book Of Sands«, available now on all streaming platforms

Brazilian stoner rock band Desert Flag stream their debut album, »The Book Of Sands«, which just dropped on September 30th, 2023.

»The Book Of Sands« is now available on all streaming platforms!

01. Chapter One: (Re)Call
02. Along The Company
03. Sands Of Time
04. Nine Lives (Black Candle)
05. Chapter Two: Twist(eR)
06. Envy Was Such A Troublemaker
07. Pennant
08. No Tomorrow
09. Chapter Three: (Re)Turn
10. Sorrow Sympathy
11. Veteran

The irreverent and psychedelic poetry of Desert Flag.

Band from Brazil brings psychedelic rock and grunge influences to the modern stoner rock.

Desert Flag began its activities in post-quarantine 2021 and, in 2023, releases its first album, titled »The Book Of Sands«, bringing musical references from Psychedelic Rock, Grunge, and even Doom Metal, inspired by bands such as Black Sabbath and Queens Of The Stone Age.

»The Book Of Sands«:

Glory for the winners, vengeance for the watchers. Truth is beautiful, until it’s dire.

What if freedom was the ultimate sin?

The book of Sands is a fantasized metaphor of our most trivial feelings, where time is illustrated as a giant hourglass.

Inside it, the never stopping ocean of sands is navigated by the caravel of life (Truth), which is forever chased by the caravel of death (Dire).

Are you brave enough?

Hold on to the pennant, for there is no tomorrow! But be careful, the book’s pages will drive you all the way through the desert. Sailing alongside the seven sins, flying with the tyrant, hunting with the queen and dancing with the dead.

Until you finally ask yourself: What does Freedom truly mean?

The album was recorded at Texas Studio (DF) by Rafael Giraldi, who also did the editing.
Gustavo Vasquez, at RockLab (Goiânia), is responsible for the mixing and mastering.
Arts and illustrations were done by talented André Martuscelli.

Desert Flag are:
Marcel Marques – Vocals
Vicky Ryder – Guitar
Luciano Dias – Bass
Cheba Araújo – Drums

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