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Canadian one-man drone/doom/stoner metal band Soulers released 60th album, entitled »Catatonic«!

Canadian one-man drone/doom/stoner metal band Soulers stream new album, entitled »Catatonic«, which was released on September 9th, 2023.

01. Catatonic Realm
02. Bastard From The Earth
03. Deadly Sea (Part 1)
04. Monument Of Urns
05. Terrorizing You
06. Breaking Bones
07. A Burning Wizard
08. Condemned In This Time Rust
09. Deadly Sea (Part 2)
10. This Mud Puddle Will Turn You Motionless Forever

Formed in September 2016 in the depths of Saint-Paulin, QC, this Canadian doom metal one-man band composed solely of Dai Maō is known for releasing music at a fast rate since 2017. The songs are lengthy, the music is improvised, Dai Maō repeats a riff for sometimes 10-20 minutes to hypnotise the listener and take them on a long journey to his lair.

Dai Maō comments: “Soulers has turned 7 years old today! To celebrate it, I have released the new 60th album »Catatonic«. To make things accessible, the songs are shorter that previously, with some of them being 5 minutes long. Get it on Bandcamp now!”

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