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Canadian psychedelic metal trio Hounskull drops their new double album »The Faces Of Evil« today!

Canadian psychedelic metal trio Hounskull stream their new double album, »The Faces Of Evil«, which just dropped this Friday, October 20th, 2023.

01. Beginnings
02. The Faces Of Evil
03. Momentary Lapse Of Existence
04. Goblin Priest
05. Clockwork Wizard
06. Star Bard
07. Path To The Sun
08. Sunless Citadel
09. Take Over
10. Altær
11. Universal Cosmic Destroyer
12. Grind Clock
13. Lapse Of Existence
14. Mother Of All

Courtesy of C Squared Music:

Hounskull’s new album »The Faces Of Evil« is premiering now at Doomed & Stoned ahead of its release on October 20th, 2023. The psychedelic metal trio’s fourth album ventures into realms of gods, heroes and a clockwork wizard.

The band comments on »The Faces Of Evil«: “»The Faces Of Evil« has been in the works for years now, we had the album written before the lockdown but pushed off recording until we were able to bunker down and get it done. The main idea of the album is essentially an audio version of an RPG game or TTRPG like DND. It’s our first album where our drummer Nathan Fernandez wrote with us, it’s our most experimental and intricate yet. Musically inspired by 70s prog, doom and stoner metal mergering for a unique blend to create something new. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kyle White, it was a monster of a double album to start and finish but we are very excited for everyone to hear it.”

Opening with »Beginnings«, this intro track was inspired by old video titles screens, it’s title is taken from the Mother/earthbound series. Hold on tight, and let the games begin… Segueing into the title track, the party members: the Goblin Priest, Star Bard, and Clockwork Wizard are introduced to a backdrop of distorted guitars, riffs and time signature changes. In the the magical »Clockwork Wizard«, inspired by the 1971 film The Abominable Dr Phibes, we find the Wizard busily making potions for the hero to be able to perceive and control time differently.

Among the album’s track list we find a trio of tracks based around ‘control, alt, delete’. »Take Over« is the first, representing ‘control’, this long instrumental sees »The Faces Of Evil«’s hero, having entered the sunless citadel, begins to take over the big bad of the album; an omnipotent God. The driving rhythms and a fuzz-fueled sound of »Altær« with its psychedelia, thrash elements, mark the second of this trio representing ‘alt’. »Universal Cosmic Destroyer«, portraying ‘delete’, brings an array of time signature, rhythm and tempo changes. »Lapse Of Existence« marks the end and is sung from the perspective of someone at a tavern now retelling the story of what happened and the hero being gone but not yet forgotten. All that is left is outro »Mother Of All«, it is a reprise of »Beginnings« but in a doom metal style.

About Hounskull:
Hounskull emerged in its full form in 2016, with an early incarnation of the band existing since 2012. The trio draw from a wide array of musical influences including the likes of Slough Feg, Brocas Helm and Black Sabbath to name a few. Striving to push their creativity to produce a unique twist with their music, Hounskull take inspiration from video games, RPGs and card games. The forthcoming album sees references to the likes of Magic The Gathering and D&D, for example, hidden within. During their career Hounskull have opened for the likes of Alien Weaponry and Graveyard.

Hounskull are:
Kyle White – Bass, Vocals (Kitchener, Ontario)
Nathan Fernandez – Drums Back up vocals (Mississauga, Ontario)
Eliza Tamo – Guitars (Cambridge, Ontario)

Written by Hounskull
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kyle White at Entities Through Frequencies Productions
Artwork by Kyle White, Nathan Fernandez and Spencer Snelling

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