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Canadian sludge/doom/death metal band Ethereal Tomb released sophomore full-length album »When The Rivers Dry«, out now via Black Throne Productions

Barrie/Toronto, Canada based sludge/doom/death metal band Ethereal Tomb stream their sophomore full-length album, »When The Rivers Dry«, which was just released this Friday, September 8th, 2023 via Black Throne Productions.

Says the band: “New Ethereal Tomb album »When The Rivers Dry« out now. Seriously could not do what we do without the love and support of our friends and our communities. So so so many inspiring relatives (like Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction, Mskwaasin Agnew to name a few locally) and ancestors inspired the energy of this record and I hope to even be able to hold a light to what they have done at the end of my days. This record is for the 🦅 relatives 🦅, the decolonizing and those willing to learn. Hiy hiy/mikwec/miigwech. We love you all so much and hope to meet more of you on the road very soon. LANDBACK.”

01. Face The Facts
02. When The Rivers Dry
03. Born Into Pain
04. Victim Mentality
05. Save The Man
06. Reclamation
07. Pure Radiant Energy
08. The Sufferance Of Mourning

Courtesy of C Squared Music:

Ethereal Tomb’s new album, »When The Rivers Dry«, delivers a dark offering of doom infused with death and hardcore. The powerful and emotive record explores indigenous existence/resistance, reclamation, ecocide, love, grief and suffering.

Ethereal Tomb deliver a poignant message throughout »When The Rivers Dry«. Shrouded in a gloomy storm of anguish filled harsh vocals and thundering distorted instruments, the album’s title track illustrates the intrinsic links between capitalism and colonialism. The oppressor’s greed and forced ecocide extends to not only indigenous nations, it will eventually affect everyone. »Victim Mentality« unleashes a sombre, slow pace through its weighty rhythms before building intensity to a dark end, while »Reclamation« brings an aggressive onslaught of descending rhythms and crashing cymbals. »When The Rivers Dry« draws to a close with the haunting drones of »The Sufferance Of Mourning«. Foreboding rhythms and soaring lead melodies produce a stark contrast.

About Ethereal Tomb:
Based out of Barrie/Toronto, Canada, Ethereal Tomb have been producing their doom-esque sound, with a DIY/communal ethos of a hardcore band, since 2021. The band released their debut, self-titled LP in May of 2022, followed by their split EP with Loose in November of the same year. Ethereal Tomb draw inspiration from the likes of Earth Crisis, Have Heart, Fugazi, Death and Autopsy.

Ethereal Tomb is:
Alexander Senum – Vocals/Guitar
Aidan Weatherall – Bass

Mixed by Jake Ballah
Mastered by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust

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