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Costa Rican sludgy doom/death metal act VoidOath stream their horror-themed debut album »Ascension Beyond Kokytus«

Costa Rican abysmal horror sludge/death/doom metal act VoidOath has just released their debut full-length album »Ascension Beyond Kokytus« this last Friday, September 30th, 2022 via Cognitive Discordance Records and Cursed Monk Records.

01. Orion-Cygnus Descent
02. Festered Sepsis Lacerations
03. A Flare In Emptiness
04. Alabaster Ruminations
05. From Gods To Morsels

Recorded and produced by Jose Rodríguez at A Cabin In The Woods Recordings.
All music written by VoidOath.
Artwork by Nataly Nikitina.
Layout by Cerrabuz.

Courtesy of Qabar PR:

“a well-made match for their album’s terrifying concept and mind-mangling lyrics.” — No Clean Singing

“pulling elements of sludge, atmospheres of filth-coated slow death metal and just an edge of post-metallic drone to coincide into their particular sphere of cohesive extremity.” — The Obelisk

“a phenomenal first foray into the pantheon of sludge and death-doom.” [08/10] — Distorted Sound Magazine

“entertained, transfixed, floored by what these folks have managed on this fine debut.” [80/100] — Grizzly Butts

“a crushing, ethereal nightmare” — The Razor’s Edge

This Friday (30 September 2022), the San José sludgy doom/death group VoidOath has released Ascension Beyond Kokytus, their debut album – rooted in John W. Campbell Jr’s Who Goes There? (Frozen Hell) and its adaptation of John Carpenter’s film The Thing (1982). The concept album is available digitally and on CD in the Americas via Cognitive Discordance Records (Costa Rica) and in the UK/Europe via Cursed Monk Records (Ireland).

Speaking of the album, VoidOath explains: “»Ascension Beyond Kokytus« is an album centered on hopelessness. Where our EP, »Illumination Through Necromancy«, was centered around rage and grief, our new album is completely immersed in the idea that there is no escape from this situation, that this is a final confrontation.

The album reflects these sentiments as failure, solitude, pain, and destruction. »Ascension Beyond Kokytus« is filled with destructive riffage and obliterating drums, pushing the boundaries and sounds of the band. Sludge, black metal, and post-metal are huge influences on the album.

Come and see the frozen wastelands and the horrors that await beyond the alabaster dunes.”

Premiered via No Clean Singing, »Ascension Beyond Kokytus« is available on digital/streaming media; Stream the album RIGHT HERE.

Order the album HERE (CD – Americas), HERE (CD – UK/Europe), or HERE (digital)

The dark, heavy, and melt-inducing sound of VoidOath is the outcome of their approach to illustrate diverse horror works in a disturbing, frantic and distorted way. Their first EP, »Illumination Through Necromancy«, released in May 2020, was well received and featured by Decibel Magazine, No Clean Singing, Metal Storm, and Astral Noize, in addition to finding a place amongst the CVLT Nation’s Top 10 Sludge Albums Of 2020. CVLT Nation would later curate VoidOath’s two live performances – the first one w/ Astriferous and Bloodsoaked Necrovoid and the second one w/ Occultum and Lair during Cvlt Nation’s X anniversary.

The San José doom monstrosity VoidOath has revealed »Ascension Beyond Kokytus«, their first full-length release, deep within the cold, frost, and blood in the farthest and isolated regions on the planet. »Ascension Beyond Kokytus« is based on John W. Campbell Jr’s Who Goes There? (Frozen Hell) and its adaptation of John Carpenter’s film The Thing (1982). Dwelling on deep feelings of fear, despair, loneliness and horror, the album drowns its listener in seamlessly endless waves of crushing violence and noise.

VoidOath is:
Christopher De Haan – Guitars, Vocals
Gabriel Ortiz – Drums
Jose Rodríguez – Guitars, Synths
Allan Salas – Bass

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