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Crippled Black Phoenix unveil the third single »Bonefire« taken from their upcoming full-length album »Banefyre«

UK psychedelic/progressive/post-rock band Crippled Black Phoenix has unveiled the third single »Bonefire« taken from their upcoming full-length album, »Banefyre«, out on September 9th, 2022 via Season Of Mist.

01. Intro/Incantation For The Different
02. Wyches And Basterdz
03. Ghostland
04. The Reckoning
05. Bonefire
06. Rose Of Jericho
07. Blackout77
08. Down The Rabbit Hole
09. Everything Is Beautiful But Us
10. The Pilgrim
11. I’m OK, Just Not Alright
12. The Scene Is A False Prophet
13. No Regrets

Courtesy of Season Of Mist:

Crippled Black Phoenix are proud to unveil the third new track, taken from the upcoming album »Banefyre«! The upcoming full-length is set for worldwide release on September 9, 2022 via Season of Mist. The song »Bonefire« is now streaming via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE.

Belinda comments: “»Bonefire« is targeted at the politicians, who’re some of the wealthiest people around, and also the most un-empathetic sons of bitches towards the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. These people in government have the power to change things around, make a difference, but they choose not to. It’s an ideological choice they make. The bottom line is.. these people just don’t give a hoot about anything but themselves. They are not all bad. But there sure are some rotten eggs. Chuck em on a fire of bones and let them contemplate on their actions for a while.

Ps! No politicians were hurt during the making of this song.”

Justin comments: “This song makes so much sense to me. When Belinda told me what it’s about and sent me the lyrics, I saw how pissed off she is at the way things are with the ruling class. And so am I. And so are a lot of people. I mean, the song was written two years ago, and it was bad then, but now, especially here in the UK it has reached a new low when it comes to the massive class divide and the utter contempt the dumb government scumbags show to people. The people who are supposed to be taken care of. I personally think we should burn the whole damn political system down. Throw the politicians on the fire and cleanse the energy of the world.”

Pre-orders are live HERE. The album can be pre-saved on your favourite platform HERE.

The thread that binds Crippled Black Phoenix’s bold and towering discography – a dozen studio albums, a half-dozen mini-albums, a handful of compilations and swaths of bootlegs – could not be more apropos circa 2022. Since its 2004 creation by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Justin Greaves, Crippled Black Phoenix has served as the voice for the voiceless, whether it be animals, the unequal and the different. Greaves and longstanding vocalist and lyricist Belinda Kordic have often proffered that these beings cannot fend for themselves. Henceforth, Crippled Black Phoenix’s mission has been to shed light on the human condition and the inequalities that befall humankind and its creatures. Their battle marches on with their latest studio album, »Banefyre«.

Crippled Black Phoenix is:
Justin Greaves – Guitars, Drums, Bass, Samples, Saw
Belinda Kordic – Vocals, Percussion
Helen Stanley – Grand Piano, Synthesisers, Monochord, Trumpet
Andy Taylor – Guitar, Baritone Guitar, 12 String Guitar
Joel Segerstedt – Vocals, Guitar

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