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Croatian alternative/avant-garde/stoner rock collective Grinded Grin return with their tenth studio album »Fledge«; out now via Olde Scratch Records!

Koprivnica, Croatia based alternative/avant-garde/stoner rock collective Grinded Grin has just released their tenth studio album »Fledge« on October 13th, 2023 via Olde Scratch Records.

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01. Aperture
02. Nail Warp
03. Anthropoid
04. Endlessly
05. Rencounter

Grinded Grin is an experimental rock collective from Koprivnica, Croatia whose members change depending on the vision of each album. Through improvisation, they reach into post rock, and often through metal into free jazz. Grinded Grin was founded by Aleksandar Vrhovec in 2005, and after hibernation for 13 years, it was reanimated and shaped through several forms. The album »Reset« from 2018 was written for top world jazz musicians, and in 2020 they formed as a collective from Koprivnica.

In 2021, they launched a series of 5 albums (»Terra«, »Paramnesia«, »Biota«, »Talk« and »Orison«). For Vrhovac, the idea was to gather the most suitable local musicians for any improvisation scenario. The concept of the recording was to capture the feeling from the room where everyone is playing together, and building on each other at the given moment, without verbal agreement. Vrhovec alternately played guitar and synth, while the rest of the team was; Igor Vidaković on drums, Leonardo Ivačić and Karlo Cmrk on bass guitar; Petar Unger on saxophone, flute and vocals, and Vedran Momčilović on saxophone. In 2021, the album »Immersed« was released, which was recorded as a trio: Karlo Cmrk on bass, Igor Vidaković on drums and Vrhovec on keyboards.

In the same year, the recording of the last album »Fledge« starts, which is released on October 13, 2023 and has a shift in production and is focused more on prog rock and mantra riffs.

Grinded Grin announced the album »Fledge« with a single/video »Aperture«, featuring Nina Kraljić as a guest. The musical style of the song is prog/psy rock with ethno vocals by Nina Kraljić. It was recorded throughout 2021 and 2022 in several sessions. The album and the song were conceived as a double quartet; two drums, two bass guitars, a guitar, a saxophone and on top of that an ethnic vocalist and virtuoso Leo Beslać through several layers on the synth.

The last song »Rencounter« is a drum duel that was recorded live. Nina Kraljić sang on »Aperture« and »Anthropoid«.

All songs written by Grinded Grin.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Aleksandar Vrhovec.
Mastered by Nathan Reiner.
Artwork by Aleksandar Veselić and Dragana Veselić.

Nina Kraljić – Vocals
Vedran Momčilović – Sax
Leonardo Ivačić – Bass
Karlo Cmrk – Bass
Relja Kekez – Drums
Igor Vidaković – Percussion
Leo Beslać – Synth
Aleksandar Vrhovec – Guitar

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