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Doom/sludge/death metal entity Suton presents their first full-length album »Sacrilegious«, out now via Satanath Records and InsArt Records

UK/Bosnia and Herzegovina based doom/death/black metal act Suton presents their first full-length album, entitled »Sacrilegious«, which was just released yesterday, April 18th, 2023 via Satanath Records and InsArt Records.

Featuring Hylinn (Hibernum, Odium Malum, Zvijer, Sahrana, ex-Chains, ex-Macabrum) and Insanus (Ashes You Leave, Black Cult, Czaar, Hibernum, Zvijer, ex-Castrum, ex-Unholy Inquisition, ex-Kult Perunov, ex-Gorthaur’s Wrath).

01. Grandiose Anthropomorphism. Godlike Incubus.
02. Celestial Consciousness. Starlight Divine.
03. Thirty Seconds. Enlightenment Ritual.
04. Cartesian Dualism. Free Will.
05. Beyond Me. Forever Me.
06. Old Man Willow

The band comments: “Our album »Sacrilegious« is out via Satanath Records and InsArt Records!!! After several years of work on this material, it finally saw the darkness of this world. We are happy to finally be able to present to you material in full, that touches the very top of the work under the sign of Suton, in these past seven years. We hope that we have captured the horror of everyday life that surrounds us, painted it in the abstract colors of madness and horror of the universe, and let it find its own way in the sonic desert. Enjoy…”

Courtesy of InsArt Records:

In almost ten years of existence, the band Suton (eng. “Twilight”) can’t boast of a large discography. However, two men behind this audio-terror entity worked hard to present the first full-length in 2023.

Initially conceived as a drone/doom metal project, this band broadened its horizons and enriched its music to the maximum on its debut album.

The gloomy atmosphere that has its roots in the black metal world is enriched with death metal riffs that are painted with doom metal tones. Sludge and southern parts create a certain feeling of heaviness throughout the album as if hundreds of waves of green smoke are hitting you in the head without the intention to ever stop… ever.

In over 50 minutes of dark-sound-scape music, you will be carried away by the creepiness that is omnipresent on the »Sacrilegious« album. Five original songs and one cover will be enough to show you all the depth of the Suton’s sound, and the heavy Balkan gloom that surrounds the material.

Hylinn and Insanus took the time to slowly, precisely and without forcing fit all the components so that all fans of dirge metal sound could proudly enjoy it.

»Sacrilegious« will be presented with the help of InsArt Records and Satanath Records as a piece that will surely find its place in the annals of the sombre metal underground fauna.

Suton will evoke the dark corners of the Balkans, soul, carnality and blasphemy through its melodies.

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dungeon Studios in the summer of 2022. Vocals recorded in studio Taar Reii. Lyrics by Hylinn. Music by Insanus except »Old Man Willow« written and originally performed by Elephants Memory.

Suton is:
Hylinn – Vocals, Lyrics
Insanus – All instruments

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