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Elastic Riot’s new full-length album »Bordernoia« out now via Zann’s Records and Troppistruzzi!

Bergamo, Italy based sludgy experimental noise/hardcore punk group Elastic Riot stream their new full-length album, »Bordernoia«, which was released on September 28th, 2023 via Zann’s Records and Troppistruzzi.

01. Sempre più vicino alla morte Pt.1
02. Ambaradan
03. Uariu
04. Collodio
05. Analijgisij Kristenji Petronijo
06. Yvonne l’insonne
07. Self Medication Doom Pt. 2
08. L’apocalisse incombe
09. Sempre più vicino alla morte Pt.2
10. Solo colpi

“Noisy band of weirdos making troubles and spreading feral sounds since 2007 from Bergamo, Italy.”

Elastic Riot is a disastrous band of losers and »Bordernoia« is the latest result of their too-many-years-long hopeless pursue of their meaning through music. Ten songs of incoherent, desperate and emotionally unstable sludgy noise-infused experimental hardcore punk. An angry, romantic and feral 38-minutes long sonic brawl of roaring guitars, acid synthetisers, unpredictable rythms and furious Italian screams.

In this record they tried everything, pushing theirselves through every possible limit, breaking all the rules that were left to be broken. Anguish, happiness, hopes, new friendships, old loves, addiction, dismissals, nightmares, all combined together as the groundwork for an intense and loud musical journey.

Bordernoia (eng. border + it. “noia”, “boredom”): forced solitude, in too narrow spaces generates monsters, the mind creates alternative identities with which to dialogue in order to fall into boredom, creating ideas in the chaos and struggle of a thousand personalities.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by ER and Fabio Intraina, also known as the Capellone del Mixer, the Prosecchino Jedi Master, the Supercipollone Stonerone, the Great Pallofago of Doom at Trai Studio, Inzago.

Artwork by Colleowsky.

Tracks 1 and 8 featuring the one and only almighty Feffa.
Track 5 originally written by analnas (worst band ever existed RIP).

“Terrible music for nice people, not vice-versa”

Order »Bordernoia« on colour vinyl here:

Elastic Riot Live:
Oct 26 Trenta Formiche, Rome, Italy
Oct 27 Sottoscala9, Latina, Italy
Oct 28 Spazio Webo, Pesaro, Italy
Oct 29 Cavriglia, Arezzo, Italy

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