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French atmospheric doom metal solo project Kaamosmasennus released debut album »Le jour ne se lève plus« via Bitume Prods; music video for »First Snow« streaming!

French atmospheric doom metal solo project Kaamosmasennus has just released debut album »Le jour ne se lève plus« on September 29th, 2023 via Bitume Prods. The album is also available on all major streaming platforms.

Watch a music video for the track »First Snow« below!

01. L’Esprit de l’hiver
02. First Snow
03. Kaamosmasennus
04. La symphonie des éléments

Courtesy of Bitume Prods:

»Le jour ne se lève plus« is a journey into the dark Finnish winter: imagine having your feet in the snow and walking alone in the misty twilight of a winter day in the coniferous forests at the edge of lakes. With an immovable stratus ceiling on the head and its consequences on the soul of the walker, who then becomes the mirror of the surrounding nature and the weather. That’s it, the day never dawns.

Produced between 2018 and 2022, this first album of the project is released for the first time as digisleeve CD via the Bitume label and will be available from September 29, 2023. It will also be available on Bandcamp and streaming platforms. The 4 tracks of the album mix elements of funeral doom metal, with death doom metal, black metal and more progressive and psychedelic elements as well as natural atmospheres, for about 40 minutes of music.

Composing, recording, instruments, artwork, photo – Julien J. Neuville.
Mixing and mastering – Buck.
Promo CD layout – Derrek.

Kaamosmasennus is first a musical project founded in 2018 by Julien J. Neuville (Salaman Isku) and linked to his Master 2 research work on Finnish funeral doom metal (

In the idea of making funeral doom, the composer will draw from his experience elements allowing him to produce a singular album. Inspired by a long winter trip to Finland and a seasonal depression (or “kaamosmasennus” in Finnish), »Le jour ne se lève plus« is is the first production of the project.

»Le jour ne se lève plus« is now available via Bitume Prods as CD digisleeve as well as listening on Bandcamp:

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