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French heavy psych rockers Fuzzy Grass released their second album »The Revenge Of The Blue Nut«, out now via Kozmik Artifactz

Toulouse, France based heavy psych rockers Fuzzy Grass stream their second album, »The Revenge Of The Blue Nut«, which was just released on October 6th, 2023 via Kozmik Artifactz.

»The Revenge Of The Blue Nut« is a concept album talking about a peanut man having a psychedelic trip after a love deception.

01. Living in Time
02. I’m Alright
03. The Dreamer
04. Insight
05. Why You Stop Me
06. Moonlight Shades

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Born out of a meeting between 4 musicians from the south-west of France, Fuzzy Grass have been forging their music out of crazy improvisations since 2015. Rhythmically driven by Led Zep’-style drums and Kyuss-style bass, the Hendrixian guitar and vintage lyricism of the vocals build a universe blending the psychedelic energies of 70s rock and the power of stoner. The band may experiment in rehearsals, but it’s on stage that they really come into their own. Always offering new versions of their songs, halfway between writing and improvisation, the four musicians evolve over the years in an explosive symbiosis of sound. After three years of concerts, it was in 2018 that »1971« was released, a debut album that the band set off to defend across France. Back from a two-week European tour in 2019, Fuzzy Grass plan to start work on a second album. The Studio de la Trappe, on the outskirts of Toulouse (FR), with its vintage analogue equipment, was an obvious choice. Driven by a desire to delve deeper into the 70s aesthetic, Fuzzy Grass went on to write »The Revenge Of The Blue Nut«. In addition to its psychedelic groove, the band will be developing a more prog facet here.

Before its release, the band revealed two singles with music videos: »I’m Alright« // »Insight«.

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»The Revenge Of The Blue Nut« tells the psychedelic adventure of a peanut man. After an introduction in the form of an introspective and liberating journey, the character is confronted with a break-up that plunges him into bitter disappointment. He escapes into a surreal dream world of ecstasy and anguish, where he travels through space in search of himself. A quest that ends in yet another failure. This is followed by a narcissistic rage that fuels his thirst for revenge. Finally, the Peanut Man wakes up in a mystical wandering. He feels a new power rising within him that he can no longer control. He sinks into a murderous madness, like a return to bestiality. As with their music, the band seeks to reinterpret the graphic codes of the 70s, overflowing and colourful, as kitsch as they are psychedelic, through the prism of the 21st century. With its cover, a surreal collage full of nods to the band’s adventures on the road, Fuzzy Grass aims to take the legacy of the 70s to new horizons, always with a touch of humour and self-mockery.

Fuzzy Grass started the new tour in May 2023 with gigs in France but also abroad like Krach Am Bach festival in Germany. The tour now continues in autumn with a few more dates in south France and other will be announce for spring and summer 2024. Already announced: Freak Valley festival on May 30th (Germany).

Lyrics by Audric Faucheux.
Recorded & mastered by Triboulet at Studio de la Trappe in Donneville, France.
Artwork by Florian Luiz and Geoffrey Riberry.
Peanut picture by Guillaume Blondio.

Fuzzy Grass is:
Audric Faucheux – Vocals, Organ and Strange Machines
Laura Luiz – Guitar
Thomas Hobeck – Bass
Clément Gaudry – Drums

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