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German dirty psych-blues rockers Dry Vein released their debut EP »Vena Secca«

German dirty psych-blues rockers Dry Vein have just released their debut EP »Vena Secca« this Sunday, April 3rd, 2022.

01. Bullseye
02. Fever
03. Hang Them In The Morning Sun

Written by Dry Vein.
Recorded by Michael “Elvis” Schulze and Ferdinand Günther.
Mixed and mastered by Michael “Elvis” Schulze.
Artwork by Melissa Vey.

Dry Vein forge their version of dirty psych-blues rock in the wasteland between Halle and Berlin. Inspired by the raw energy of garage and noise, their music is loaded with a ten-ton shovel of stoner rock. Psychedelic soundscapes alternate with hard-hitting fuzz riffs and sugar sweet indie melodies. This is a sound that yearns for the golden era of psychedelic rock yet plays joyfully with innovation and weirdness.

Dry Vein is the branchild of Simon (guitar, synth, vocals), Fabian (lead guitar), Tom (drums, backing vocals) and Gregor (bass, backing vocals).

Photo Felix Einecke

This formation came together during the uncertainty of the pandemic. They managed to grow into a well-rehearsed unit after scoring local gigs despite the difficult times. After months of hard work Dry Vein have hit their current style. The fruits of their labor will be released on their first studio EP, »Vena Secca« on April 3rd, 2022.

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