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German progressive/heavy psychedelic rockers Black Space Riders release new music video for their single »Trapped In An Endless Loop«

German progressive/heavy psychedelic rockers Black Space Riders release new music video for the second single »Trapped In An Endless Loop« taken from their upcoming album, »We Have Been Here Before«, due out on October 21st, 2022 via Cargo Records.

01. Crawling In
02. Crawling (DownWithEverything)
03. Trapped In An Endless Loop
04. Almost The Lost
05. This Flow
06. Shine
08. We Have Been Here Before
09. Beautiful
10. Fear No More
11. In Dust
12. Leaving The Hill
13. A Whisper
14. Queen Of Light
15. Worlds Collide Dans Ma Tete

Courtesy of C Squared Music:

Progressive, heavy psychedelic outfit Black Space Riders have released a video for their track »Trapped In An Endless Loop« The song is from their album »We Have Been Here Before« releasing on October 21st, 2022 via Cargo Records.

The band comments: “»Trapped In An Endless Loop« is a compact song that presents many different ideas in a length of less than three and a half minutes: driving riffs, cool grooves and big melodies. The lyrics pick up the motif of the album “We have been here before”, repeatedly almost being there and yet never arriving.”


About Black Space Riders:

Black Space Riders launched in 2009 founded by members Je and Crip in Münster, Germany. Their debut album materialized in 2010 and over a decade later, »We Have Been Here Before« marks their seventh full-length. The collective strive to deliver a distinctive sound with no musical styles or influences off limits. »Crawling In« swathes a dynamic soundscape of synthesizers, segueing into the heavy groove rhythms of »Crawling (Down With Everything)«. Bringing a stylistic change, »Almost (The) Lost« sees low, soft intimate vocals with minimalist instrumentation along with reggae inspired melodies and instruments. Gradually building with added distorted guitars as the track progresses, »Almost (The) Lost« transforms into a full heavy arrangement.

“AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGH” is a fury of anguish-fuelled punk and hard rock, while the following title track delves further into progressive realms. Concluding the album with the spectacular »Worlds Collide Dans Ma Tete« extending over ten minutes in length, Black Space Riders unleash an electrifying finale.

»We Have Been Here Before« is an odyssey of striking creativity and production. The new album is a fusion of immersive soundscapes, catchy hooks and driving rhythms all accompanied with a Sci-Fi undertone. Black Space Riders have crafted a record that showcases the breadth of their musical capabilities. Their sound is by no means caged inside one genre as it transcends boundaries seamlessly combining a multitude of styles, all while remaining cohesive to their core identity.

Je – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Seb – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
Crip – Drums, Percussion, Digeridoo
Sli – Guitars
Mei – Bass Guitar, Background Vocals

Music written, arranged and performed by Black Space Riders.
Lyrics and concept by Je & Seb. Recorded, engineered and mixed by Peter Lagoda.
Mastered by Philipp Welsing at Original Mastering.
Produced by Peter Lagoda & Je with Black Space Riders.

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