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German progressive/post-metal band Grey Season presents their brand new full-length album »Melencolia«

Cologne/Düsseldorf, Germany based progressive/post-metal band Grey Season has just released their brand new full-length album »Melencolia« on September 29th, 2023.

01. Valinor
02. Sisyphos
03. Sisyphos Reprise
04. Barghest
05. Farewell, Wayfarer

Grey Season is a band from Cologne/Düsseldorf, Germany which current line-up formed in the summer of 2017, but has been active since 2006. The musical concept – if there is one – is based on intuition and feel. Music/art is a form of expression and a very personal way of communicating, so all of the bands music is created as a unite – spontanous, direct and, most of the time, unprepared. Lyrically Grey Season write about the decay of mankind due to hedonism, religion, media, greed and whatever factors control and exploit us. Society and the individual is reflected as it is. Of course there’s also some personal stuff, however no politics whatsoever.

Photo by Kuzco Juan Se Llama

The term “progressive” in this case is not bound to virtuosity or complexity of riffs and solos, but rather to experimental rhythms, deep tuned guitars and a melting pot of many diverse musical genres, including the early rock of the seventies, industrial sounds, blues and everything that may seem outlandish at the first glance. With metal always being the starting point, these different influences are combined to something new, maybe something unusual, but without a doubt something very special.

The lyrical concept behind the music of Grey Season is about the decay of mankind due to hedonism, religion, media, greed and whatever controls and exploits us. There is no preaching, no telling you what is right or wrong, but instead, society and the individual is reflected as it is. And that is a pretty ugly reflection. In the early years of the band existing, the group had to struggle with several line-up changes. It took years to form a strong inner core of individuals that work perfectly together as a group of both, friends and musicians.

Blazej Lominski – Vocals
Roman Gatzka – Guitar
Laura Einhorn – Bass
Jan Schweigler – Drums

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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