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German three-piece sludge/doom/punk band Marod presents their debut album »Kulik«

Leipzig, Germany based doom and punk influenced sludge trio Marod has released their debut album »Kulik« on August 7th, 2023.

As the band said, “It’s about war and peace, trying and failing and the lessons of history.”

01. Prolog
02. Hell
03. Dunkel
04. Epilog

“Marod ist unsere Freiheit. Marod oder tot.”

About »Kulik«:

A concept album dedicated to the 140th birthday of the Soviet mineralogist Leonid Alexeyevich Kulik. First, the prologue follows the impactor of the Tunguska event from formation to impact in 1908. We then follow Kulik as he researches the event, his expeditions to the site of the impact, and his quest to solve the mystery. Later we dive into the darkness at his side and go into the hell of World War II, until its end in a prisoner of war camp. A story of peace and war, in heaven as on earth.

Marod is:
Kluge – Guitar
Mitransky – Drums
Pampel – Voice

Additional musicians:
Denison – Kulik’s Voice (2, 3)
Braunschweig – Voice (4)
Golzsch – Bass (4)

Music by Kluge & Mitransky.
Lyrics by Pampel.
Russian verses by Kulik.
Additional tones by Kluge.

Recorded in June/July 2023 at Rauch im Waxmoodstudio, Leipzig.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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