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Greek death/doom/gothic metal veterans On Thorns I Lay release new self-titled album, out today via Season Of Mist

Greek death/doom/gothic metal veterans On Thorns I Lay are streaming their new self-titled album, which was just released this Friday, October 13th, 2023 via Season Of Mist.

01. Fallen From Grace
02. Newborn Skies
03. Crestfallen
04. Among The Wolves
05. Raise Empires
06. Thorns Of Fire

Courtesy of Season Of Mist:

On Thorns I Lay deliver more of their legendary death-doom on their first album for Season Of Mist. With chugging riffs, ear-shattering wails of terror and eerily melodic funeral passages, their new self-titled LP is bound to crush your spirit.

»On Thorns I Lay« comes out this Friday, October 13. But you can listen to the whole album a day early thanks to Distorted Sound, who are premiering the full stream on their website.


On Thorns I Lay are Greek titans. The band came up through the underground during the early ’90s, in the wake of Nightfall, Septicflesh and Rotting Christ. But while those bands were swayed more by symphonic and black metal, these Athenians developed a taste for the gothic. Which makes sense. After all, they are named after a Shakespearean sonnet.

Photo by Stella Mouzi

»On Thorns I Lay« is is dark and doomy. »Fallen From Grace« opens the album with a harrowing tribute to those who’ve suffered from wars and genocide, while »Thorns Of Fire« warns of environmental disasters with riffs that fall like acid rain, But on their tenth album, On Thorns I Lay push their gothic death-doom to great new heights. The melodic leads on »Newborn Skies« just keep on climbing, until they ascend into a heavenly choir.

“We are very proud that our best album in our 30 year old career, self-titled »On Thorns I Lay«, is finally out through Season Of Mist recs. We truly dedicate it to all our fans who were there from the beginning or joined in during the journey…this one comes just from the heart….”

For fans of (early) Paradise Lost, Septicflesh, My Dying Bride, (early) Anathema, Nightfall.

Recorded at Devasoundz Studios.
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Fotis Benardo.
Artwork by Dimitris Tzortzis.

Peter Miliadis – Vocals
Christos Dragamestianos – Guitars
Nikolas Paraskevopoulos – Guitars
Kostas Mexis – Bass
Antonis Ventouris – Keyboards
Stelios Darakis – Drums

Guest vocals:
Fanny Melfi – »Fallen From Grace«
Labros Kiklis – »Fallen From Grace«
Stavros Papagiannakopoulos – »Thorns Of Fire«, »Crestfallen«
Ilias Mantikos – »Thorns Of Fire«
Katerina Tzitzou – »Fallen From Grace«
Irina Dimaki – »Fallen From Grace«
Anna Thana – »Fallen From Grace«
Aris Karatzas – »Crestfallen«, »Newborn Skies«, »Raise Empires«, »Among The Wolves«

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