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Gypsybyrd presents their brand new album »Visions«; vinyl pre-orders available via Kozmik Artifactz

Texas psychedelic/space/stoner rock outfit Gypsybyrd presents their brand new album, »Visions«, which was just released on May 20th, 2022 with vinyl version coming via Kozmik Artifactz.

01. Crimson Earth
02. Born Of Electricity
03. Fly With Me
04. The Fog
05. A Soul On Fire
06. Captive By Your Choices
07. Earth Meets The Sun
08. Travel The Universe

Gypsybyrd is the brainchild of multi instrumentalist musician Jake W. Lewis (Burn Ritual, King Earth). The album »Eye Of The Sun« was the first offering from Gypsybyrd and features a different side of Jake’s songwriting and musicianship. Gypsybyrd takes Jake’s love of hard rock, desert, and psych as well as the influences of 70s rock, blues, funk, and stoner rock into one cosmic trip.

Jake Lewis commented: “Well friends! The new album »Visions« is released. I want to thank everyone who pre-ordered the album, bought a single, bought the album, help spread the word, and those who took time to just listen. Also want to thank all the blogs and reviewers who took time to listen. I really appreciate all of you and hope you enjoy the album.

For those interested in the vinyl release, Kozmik Artifactz has a pre-order going on at their webpage. I will also have vinyl to sell but won’t be for another 2-3 months. I’ll have a few package deals with T-shirts coming also. Cheers!”

All music and lyrics by Jake Lewis.

Vocals, Guitars, Keys, and Drums by Jake Lewis
Bass by Freddy Allen (Sun Of Grey)

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