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Icelandic heavy rock trio The Vintage Caravan drops the second track from upcoming live album »The Monuments Tour (Live)«!

Icelandic heavy rock trio The Vintage Caravan drops the second track »On The Run« taken from their upcoming live album, »The Monuments Tour (Live)«, set to release this Friday, October 13th, 2023 via Napalm Records.

01. Whispers
02. Crystallized
03. Reflections
04. Innerverse
05. Forgotten
06. Can’t Get You Off My Mind
07. Psychedelic Mushroom Man
08. Cocaine Sally
09. Hell
10. Babylon
11. On The Run
12. Expand Your Mind
13. Clarity

Courtesy of Napalm Records:

Bringing back vintage rock with progressive influences, The Vintage Caravan has proven more than capable of creating their own trademark sound, presenting guitar driven classics merged with blues and rock.

After countless high-voltage live performances at festivals such as Roadburn, Wacken and Hellfest, and touring with Opeth, the Icelandic trio presents their first live album, »The Monuments Tour (Live)«, set for release via Napalm Records on October 13, 2023. The Vintage Caravan create nostalgic nuances to get lost in, and with their upcoming first live album, they’ve finally captured the magic of their live performances!

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Photo by Tjeerd Derkink

With 13 diverse tracks taken from all throughout their discography, these youngbloods from Reykjavik take their fans on a psychedelic journey of bewitching, guitar-driven classic and blues rock influences. Starting off with the opener of their latest studio album, »Whispers« clearly showcases the band’s musical progression without sacrificing their tried-and-true sonic trademark. »Crystallized« convinces with light blues influences, encircling the listener in enchanting guitar lines and quickly rising to the full extent of its power while evoking anecdotes of retro nostalgia. »On The Run« lures with an acoustic intro building up a catchy melody in the chorus that drives itself deep into the listener’s head.

Tracks like »Psychedelic Mushroom Man«, taken from their self-titled debut album released in 2011, represent a stunning blueprint in The Vintage Caravan’s musical universe with unconventional, skillfully created melodies and Óskar’s gripping, tranquil vocal power. In contrast, bold drumming merges with fast-paced riffs, enveloping an impressive galloping vortex like on the top-notch rock piece »Cocaine Sally« from their second album, while »Expand Your Mind« takes the listener on a splendid journey. The Icelanders close The Monuments Tour with the soft plugging, atmospheric sound of »Clarity« symbolizing the crowning culmination that showcases the full scope of their capabilities – delivering refreshing 70’s-inspired rock with a modern twist!

Óskar Logi Ágústsson – Vocals, Guitar
Alexander Örn Númason – Bass
Stefán Ari Stefánsson – Drums, Percussion

The Monuments Tour Part II:
13/10 IS – Akureyri, Græni Hatturinn 🇮🇸
21/10 BE – Antwerp, Desertfest 🇧🇪
23/10 CH – Aarau, KIFF 🇨🇭
25/10 NL – Alkmaar, Victorie 🇳🇱
26/10 DE – Bremen, Tower 🇩🇪
27/10 NL – Helmond, De Cacaofabriek 🇳🇱
28/10 NL – Drachten – Iduna 🇳🇱
29/10 DE – Hannover, Béi Chéz Heinz 🇩🇪
31/10 DE – Dresden, Club Puschkin 🇩🇪
02/11 PL – Gdansk, Drizzly Grizzly 🇵🇱
03/11 PL – Warsaw, Hydrozagadka 🇵🇱
04/11 SK – Kosice, Colosseum 🇸🇰
05/11 HU – Budapest, Analog Music Hall 🇭🇺
07/11 HR – Zagreb, Vintage Industrial Bar 🇭🇷
08/11 AT – Vienna, Arena 🇦🇹
09/11 DE – Augsburg, Kantine 🇩🇪
10/11 AT – Lustenau, Carini Saal 🇦🇹
11/11 DE – Frankfurt, Nachtleben 🇩🇪
13/11 DE – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann Club 🇩🇪
14/11 DE – Dortmund, FZW Club 🇩🇪
15/11 FR – Strasbourg, La Laiterie 🇫🇷
17/11 FR – Marseille, Molotov 🇫🇷
18/11 FR – Vallet, Westill Fest 🇫🇷

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