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Italian post-black metal band Die Sünde announce their new EP »Strega« to be released via Drown Within Records, Ripcord Records and Violence In The Veins

Padua, Italy based post-black metal band Die Sünde announce their new one-track EP, »Strega«, scheduled for release on October 14th, 2022 via Drown Within Records (Italy), Ripcord Records (UK) and Violence In The Veins (Spain).

01. Strega

Courtesy of Kairos Promotion:

Die Sünde band formed in 2018, with members coming from different musical backgrounds (post-hardcore, post-metal, stoner-doom, and post-rock). Our sound is the result of picking little aspects of our influences, from black metal to posthardcore, mixing them, and creating a personal sound without going out of track with our context. The lyrics and the music are the representation of the “worst”: the worst feeling, the worst situation, where you don’t recognize yourself anymore, and where the pain is bigger than the anger itself. In October 2022 is expected the release of a new work. The sound of a rite, the evocation of an entity that drives through purification, that leads to a new beginning for a depleted humanity…this is »Strega«.

Recorded by Die Sünde & Michael Anthony Foti (Belvanera Audio Productions).
Mixed and mastered by Michael Anthony Foti (Belvanera Audio Productions).
Artwork by Ikosidio.
Videoclip by Elide Blind.

Date: 14th October 2022
Support: Digital and Vinyl
Labels: Drown Within Records, Ripcord Records, Violence In The Veins

Influences: Amenra | Russian Circles | Converge | Numenorean | Oathbreaker | Celeste

Photos by Ilenia Urso

Witch as a cultist of Nature, its protector, healer.
Witch as a cultist of evil, esotericism aimed at destruction, demon.
Witch as a female figure: independent, wise, fertile.

What unites them is life and its cycle, and as such linked to Nature.

As only women are able to generate it, to then look after it and protect it with wisdom and strength. Since she is linked to Nature, she can evoke forces and spirits bonded to realities that are inaccessible to us, being the holder of mystical and healing knowledge and secrets, in full control of the life cycle knowledge of Nature itself and living creatures.

As a mare, she has ability to bend and destroy people’s will and life, in full control of the esoteric arts related to Paganism / Satanism, gait and features manifest to man as demonic.

An entity composed of the triad that creates life, bends and destroys it and which will regenerate its ashes to give them new life.

Hence the hymn to the need for change, to the need to return to the origins, to abandon the groundlessness, senselessness and incorrectness of modern thought, an unsustainable thought that can only lead to destruction, annihilation. Violence calls for violence. The only way is through the evocation of an entity, something that is not properly of this world but that contains in itself the main characteristics suitable for purification through destruction but also capable of restoring life through it, reshaping a more sustainable world, linked to naturalist traditions and foundations, to reconnect man to his true essence, to his true origins, to his spiritual self.

Not a simple path or without sacrifices, but ultimately necessary.

A cycle in three acts:

Evocation: the entity is called and it manifests itself Purification: the plague spreads quickly and everything reaps Creation: the primordial slime that will bring to life is made up of the spilled blood; Nature taking back its space against humanity’s cancer.

And the circle is restored.

Power to women, to spiritual freedom and to Nature, which have always been frowned upon, misunderstood and demonized by the ignorance of the centuries of “evolution”, mystified, tortured, raped and repressed.

They must be glorified, listened to and protected as the only key to life itself, as the only ones capable of generating it, as the only ones capable of creating a balance of growth and a true future for the world.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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