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Italian progressive/post-rock/post-metal act LVTVM to release new album »Irrational Numbers« on September 19th; first single »Holzwege« streaming

Tuscany, Italy based progressive/post-rock/post-metal act LVTVM will release their new album »Irrational Numbers« on September 19th, 2022 via Cave Canem DIY, Controcanti Produzioni, Drown Within Records, Vollmer Industries and Zero Produzioni.

Listen to the first single and opening track »Holzwege«!

The band comments: “Holzwege are the paths in the forest: each one proceeds on its own, but in the same forest. One looks like the other. Woodcutters and foresters know what it means to “find oneself on a path that, interrupting itself, leads astray.”

A form of knowledge that makes wandering a constitutive part, whether understood as exploration or understood as error, the error necessary to discover new horizons that one does not know. It is a search in space and thus represents a spatial dimension.”

Courtesy of Metaversus PR:

»Irrational Numbers« is the new album by LVTVM, out on September 19th on vinyl and digital for Cave Canem DIY, Controcanti Produzioni, Drown Within Records, Vollmer Industries and Zero Produzioni.

Irrational numbers are space and time.

They are considered numbers as units of measurement and they are irrational because they are only human and not actually relating to the world: Homo Theoreticus needs to measure reality in order to master it, but at the same time he is part of this reality himself, a tiny and irrelevant part at the mercy of events that he cannot control nor understand. Man is the measure of all things because he measures everything, as Sophists claim, but the world cannot be measured, foreseen nor controlled.

“The composition of »Irrational Numbers« – the band states – was complicated by the pandemic and the objective difficulties of meeting and playing together. Thus the making of this record was particularly long and laborious, but we were also able to produce a less visceral yet more analytical and complex album compared to »Adam«.

Space and time are two human categories which we have dealt with, but we are also regardless of them. Space was limited and time stopped. The five tracks are played differently from »Adam«, but there is also a path of continuity.

Our additional members, Lorenzo Gonnelli and Damiano Magliozzi (Gorilla Punch), have brought a sharp change both in the artwork and the sound – a reinvention that goes hand in hand with our musical and conceptual flow.

Notwithstanding a total duration of just over 25 minutes for five tracks, »Irrational Numbers« is a “denser” record than its predecessor: it represents what we are, our past, our evolution and catches up with the point we had finished on.”

Cave Canem DIY, Controcanti Produzioni, Drown Within Records… will release »Irrational Numbers« on LP and digital platforms on September 19th. Find digital pre-orders at Bandcamp HERE.

01. Holzwege
02. Hic sunt leones
03. Oscillator
04. Ouroboros
05. Speculum

LVTVM (the Latin word for “mud”) formed in 2012 in Tuscany, on Mount Amiata (province of Grosseto), combining members of two local bands, AutoBlastinDog and Quiet In The Cave.

The four-piece band consists of two basses, drums and synth. Their instrumental compositions have a solid post-metal and stoner foundations, but also opening to ambient influences, psychedelic explorations and jazz digressions.

Their debut album, »Adam«, was released in 2014 through Lizard Records and Cave Canem DIY, recorded by Valerio Fisik (Inferno Sci-fi Grind ‘n’ Roll). The album was promoted with more than sixty gigs in Italy and France.

In 2022 the band came back to the scene with the album »Irrational Numbers« released by Cave Canem DIY, Controcanti Produzioni, Drown Within Records, Vollmer Industries and Zero Produzioni.

They shared the stage with Ornaments, Filth In My Garage, Mombu, Storm(0), In Zaire and threestepstotheocean.

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