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Listen to a compilation »Where Dreams Go To Die: The Singles« by New York’s doom/sludge/punk solo project Lucifer Jones!

New York’s doom/sludge/punk solo project Lucifer Jones has released a retrospective compilation »Where Dreams Go To Die: The Singles« on June 25th, 2023 via Rotten Xore Records / Dreadful Silence Productions.

01. Event Horizon (1997)
02. Winds (2023)
03. The Fury (1995)
04. Dead Hooker Alley (2022)
05. Forged In Fire (2023)
06. End Of Daze (2022)
07. All Points Bulletin (2023)
08. Prayer Candles (1999)
09. The Owl (2022)
10. Crown Of Horns (1997)
11. Whips & Chains (1995)
12. Cocaine Angels (2022)
13. Ghosts In The Machine (2023)
14. Return Of The Living Dead (2022)
15. The Hangman (2014)
16. Raining Hell (2022)
17. The Devil Rides Out (2022)
18. God Rest Ye Wretched Gentlemen (2022)
19. Scene Of The Crime (2022)
20. Hell On Earth (2022)
21. Chestnut Ridge Road Cemetery (2021)
22. Summer (2001)
23. Wheel Of Misfortune (2023)
24. Vampire City (2022)
25. We Are The Storm (2023)

Nihilistic doom merchants from Sleepy Hollow, New York fronted by Aerik Von, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and film director with two decades of work with over 25 artists and recording labels…

Born in the city that never sleeps, Lucifer Jones is a mixture of the worst in humanity and the best in music. Sonically, Lucifer Jones is a cross between Black Sabbath and Black Flag…alternating speed-demon punk and hardcore between strung out slabs of doom that tell stories of loss, drug abuse, murder and the hopelessness of the modern condition. Over the space of seven full length albums and countless singles/EP’s they have endured as a creative force showing no signs of rest in a world full of constant and miserable inspiration…

FFO: Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Marilyn Manson

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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