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Mama Doom stream their sophomore full-length album »Ash Bone Skin N Stone«, out now via Majestic Mountain Records

New York occult rock trio Mama Doom stream their sophomore full-length album, »Ash Bone Skin N Stone«, which just dropped yesterday, July 23rd, 2021 on CD, vinyl and digital via Majestic Mountain Records.

01. Batshit Crazy
02. Vodka
03. Blood Moon
04. Indigo
05. Oh, Lucifer
06. Werewolf
07. Slither
08. Cherry

Courtesy of Sheltered Life PR:

Formed in Newburgh, NY in 2016, last year the trio become the first US band signed to the Swedish label, joining the ever-growing ranks of impressive acts like Grand Cadaver, Saint Karloff, and Electric Hydra.

With the release of their exceptional 2018 debut, »From Blue To Bone«, Mama Doom traded their guitars in for keyboards and ethereal vocals, and in doing so drove deep grooves into dominions below. Forming a perfect union with crushing bass and drums, their sound might be at once familiar to fans of doom rock, but at the same time it offers a strangely unfamiliar and unique tone, given its impressive component parts.

Traversing a spectrum that spans traditional blues, doom, and ego-death metal, and fronted by the supremely gifted High Priestess, D. Lolli, make no mistake that Mama Doom are a serious force to be reckoned with.

»Ash Bone Skin N Stone« was released on Friday 23rd July 2021.

Mama Doom is:
D. Lolli – Vocals, Keys
Chuckie Rumbles – Bass
Smak – Drums

FFO: Electric Wizard, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Saint Vitus

Photo by Anne Hickey

From Majestic Mountain Records:

⚡️ Finally out in its fully sultry, synthy witchy glory, the new (sophomore) album »Ash Bone Skin N Stone« from New York’s rising occult rockers, Mama Doom is streaming on all platforms and shipping from MMR HQ! ⚡️

Refreshingly catchy and quite simply a lot of naughty, groovy, doomy, even at times bluesy fun, Ash Bone Skin N Stone is packed tight with catchy AF hook after hook over eight wicked and refreshingly concise tracks. The superb, smoky séance-like vocals from high priestess D. Lolli take center stage against a skillfully stripped back and highly considered tryptic of bass guitar, drums and synth only, which adds an ethereally dark and haunting allure to the already unapologetically sassy, yet almost cheekily sinister proceedings. The groove is strong, and the blend between classic rock, doom, and occult-tinged psychedelia with an eerie, almost retro nu-wave/goth twist is truly something special and wholly entertaining. The Blood Moon vinyl edition is already long gone so don’t delay if you want to get your hands on the last of what’s left of the Lucifer Edition limited to 250 copies.

✨ Black and purple swirl, heavy-weight 180-gram vinyl
✨ Black poly-lined inner sleeve
✨ 2-sided color insert
✨ Housed in a full-color single sleeve with ate and design by Shane Horror.
✨ Includes a download code.

Abracadabra! invite your friends and make the sountrack to your next black mass or ritual party Mama Doom! 🤘

“With her relentless, machine-like delivery evoking a witchier Nico, Lolli is a siren on an eerie, rolling sea of earthquake bass and crazed fairground organ […] you can’t deny that the record is a visceral experience.” – Classic Rock Magazine

“By changing their approach, ditching the guitars, and embracing a more 80s goth aesthetic Mama Doom have created an album that far surpasses their debut and feels like a true breath of fresh air in the occult and doom rock scene. Close the curtains, light some candles and let the darkness embrace you.” – Astral Noize

“This New York trio quickly won me over with their alluring blend of classic doom, occult, and psychedelic rock. It’s doom/occult rock with a twist, and that twist works. Highly recommended for fans of those genres.” – Heavy Music Headquarters

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