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Masheena share a music video for the second single »Under The Same Sun« taken from their upcoming debut album »West Coast Hard Rock«!

Bergen, Norway based hard rock supergroup Masheena share a music video for the second single »Under The Same Sun« taken from their upcoming debut album, »West Coast Hard Rock«, which will be released on vinyl via Majestic Mountain Records and on CD and cassette via Electric Talon Records.

Video directed, shot and edited by El Profesor.

After the party vibe of the first single »1979«, »Under The Same Sun« presents a darker and heavier sound. Unashamedly grunge influenced, it sounds like a collaboration that Soundgarden and Metallica would have done in the early 90s, yet with modern hard rock production. A high-flying chorus shines rays of sunlight down on the brooding verses, balancing the darkness and light presented in the song’s mood.

The track was recorded at Solslottet Studios in Bergen, Norway by Enslaved drummer and renowned producer Iver Sandøy (Enslaved, Gaals Wyrd, Sagh, Audrey Horne), co-produced by the band, and mixed to perfection by the legend Machine (Lamb Of God, Clutch, King Crimson) at The Machine Shop in Austin, Texas, USA.

The cover illustration for »West Coast Hard Rock« was created by tattoo artist and illustrator Chon Hernandez (Blast Tyrant)! The single cover for »Under The Same Sun« is a detail from the full album cover.

Photo by Gopro Timelapse

The story so far…

The history of Masheena dates back to the early 2000s, when Luis, Tarjei and Ole agreed to start a Thin Lizzy coverband after more than a few beers one night. That band never materialized, but the guys kept active over the years in other projects like Abbath, Royal Rooster, Lost At Last, Ilti Milta, Meelodi, Odisea 4tet and St Satan.

After reigniting a smoldering fire, mellowed by time and sober expectations after spending half a lifetime in rehearsal rooms, and against better judgment, in 2021 Luis sent a few demos to Tarjei who literally had to dig out his bass from the basement after having sworn to never play in an original band again.

The legend Armagedda, known from Immortal’s debut album, the Abbath-fronted I and Demonaz’s solo album joined together with string virtuoso Ole rehearsing the songs in a barn in the outskirts of town transformed into a rehearsal cave.

Rather than re-inventing music itself, the purpose of Masheena is to share the joy and love of hard rock. The intended EP with songs from the demos quickly grew to a full album.

Musically, Masheena are inspired by both the sunny and shady grooves of the 70s, the shameless hedonism of 80s hard rock and heavy metal, as well as the jagged riffs and darker vibes of the 90s alternative rock and metal scenes.

Lean back, grease up, beer in, put on or take off your denim, leather or plant-based garments, and cheap sunglasses:

With about 100 years of combined experience playing national and international venues…and ringing tinnitus, say welcome to Masheena!

The band…

Luis “Metalberto” Salomon on vocals and guitar, has a great ear for both melody and crushing riffs. In the early 00s he was part of Royal Rooster, a real rock’n’roll steamroller, a favorite amongst both critics, fans and the industry. Now he’s back in full force, anything can happen!

Gedda “Armagedda” Herfindal is no less than black metal royalty, as he laid down the grooves for Immortal’s debut album »Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism«, an album that kickstarted a new genre. Some years later he played drums on »Between Two Worlds«, an album from black metal supergroup I. His fast groove is as super steady as his slow groove. And he loves camo!

Tarjei “El Profesor” Heggernes has kept his bass hanging low for decades. His main band has been Lost at Last, a band that released several albums and did some touring in the 90s and 00s, but he has also contributed both bass and guitar to other albums and projects over the years. He’s been playing in Heavy Metal Kings with Armagedda since the mid-00’s, securing a lock between the bass and drums that can only be forged by time itself.

Ole Andre “El Mago” Farstad is a wizard. If it has strings, he will make magic. He is involved in anything from electronica, world music, improv jazz to flamenco, but his first and main love is for heavy metal. An integral part of the Abbath band, he has contributed to all three albums with his trademark solos.

More Masheena here:
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