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Musket Hawk, Sidetracked, Grin And Bear It and Ugly team up for a 4-way split LP; Musket Hawk’s »American Scum« streaming

US bands Musket Hawk (MD), Grin And Bear It (OH), Sidetracked (WA) and Ugly (AZ) team up for a 4-way split LP no one can hide from.

Over the course of 27 songs. each band challenges the next to a battle of the noisiest with varied doses of sludge, grind, doom, power violence, and hardcore. To Live A Life Records and Unholy Anarchy Records will release the 4-way split LP on April 28th, 2023.

Listen to Musket Hawk’s »American Scum« below!

A01. Musket Hawk – American Scum
A02. Musket Hawk – False Light
A03. Grin And Bear It – 18 Tons
A04. Grin And Bear It – 24
A05. Grin And Bear It – Info _ Dat
A06. Grin And Bear It – Leaking
B01. Sidetracked – Pick And Choose – Keep To Myself – Bitterness Grows – Suppress Disgust – Not One Of You
B02. Sidetracked – Consequences
B03. Sidetracked – To The present
B04. Sidetracked – Find The Strength
B05. Sidetracked – Drone
B06. Sidetracked – Nothing Accomplished
B07. Sidetracked – This Too Shall Pass
B08. Sidetracked – In This Pit
B09. Sidetracked – No Boundaries
B10. Sidetracked – Price You Pay
B11. Sidetracked – Facade Enabled
B12. Sidetracked – Limits Of Persistence
B14. Sidetracked – No Question
B15. Sidetracked – In A Shroud
B13. Sidetracked – Fear Will Consume
B16. Sidetracked – At Your
B17. Sidetracked – Avoided
B18. Sidetracked – Reflect The Past
B19. Sidetracked – Impending
B20. Ugly – The Trouble
B21. Ugly – Slaughtering Knife

Courtesy of ClawHammer PR:

Musket Hawk comments on their track »American Scum«: “A song about disillusionment, American Scum combines blast beats, chunky grooves, and dual vocals to highlight the dark side of power and trusting the wrong people. Written primarily while touring through Canada and recorded at Developing Nations Studio in Baltimore, Musket Hawk calls out subhuman scumbags everywhere with a clear message: “No one gets away with it.”

Grin And Bear It is a musical group that addresses human problems with loud sounds. You, specifically, have sixteen internal conflicts that are tearing you apart right now, damaging your mental health to an irreversible degree. First, you shouldn’t have said that to your family, and they’re always going to hold it against you, and Grin And Bear It acknowledge this fact for you so you don’t have to think about it anymore. The second internal conflict is whether or not you wasted your day today; should you have done something else, or was all your hard work for nothing? Maybe you spent hours designing and building a magnificent structure that will soon be swept away during an overnight wind advisory. Grin And Bear It knows that you did that, and they know the wind is coming, and they absorb your pain with their loud bashing and rapid screeching. Your third and fourth problems are the two insects that splattered on your windshield on your way home from the drinking party. Oh, you don’t drive? Maybe it was the bus’s windshield, or maybe they splattered on your bicycle helmet. How would Grin And Bear It know? They aren’t omniscient and they aren’t stalking you. They don’t care about your transportation preferences; they only care that it’s bothering you that those two innocent lives were lost due to your eagerness to travel. Your next ten internal conflicts are too private or complicated for Grin And Bear It to process, but, fortunately, you will be able to use their tight, quick tracks as a vague, ominous, and mildly effective balm for your fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth inner turmoils. The fifteenth internal conflict is whether you should finally see the doctor about that shift in your mind, the changes in your perception, and your diminishing ability to process the world around you. Were you exposed to a mass disabling event? Or maybe, and Grin And Bear It agrees with this theory, it’s probably a throbbing mass on your brain tissue that could very well be inoperable. The sixteenth problem is more about Grin And Bear It’s specific problem they have with you, and it’s relevant to your undiagnosed neurological condition. Grin And Bear It wants you to stop listening to music and go see a neurologist, man…

Sidetracked has been crafting chaotic, stop-and-go hardcore punk for over 20 years. Along with their brand of power violence, in recent times they have also incorporated noisecore. The material found herein starts things off with a noisecore block before launching into a frenzy of fastcore tracks that they are most typically known for.

Taking conceptual queues from bands like Swans, Dystopia, and Noothgrush and adding musical complexity and depth to arrive at something disgusting all on its own, Ugly is at once melodic, looming, and horrific. Ugly builds a tonal environment that is at times, angelic… just long enough to win your trust; then tries to kill you by dragging you to the depths with primal, flesh-upon-gear, rhythmic upheaval of any notion of good faith and wellbeing.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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