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MWWB release a music video for the new single »Altamira« taken from their fourth studio album »The Harvest«

Wales, UK based psychedelic doom/space rock band MWWB (formerly known as Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard) has released a music video for the new single »Altamira« taken from their fourth studio album, »The Harvest«, out on March 25th, 2022 via New Heavy Sounds / Cargo Records.

Vocalist Jessica Ball states: “The release of this video is quite symbolic, as it has timed up perfectly with our guitarist Paul being released from the hospital he’s been in since the start of Covid. He’s made unbelievable strides in his recovery from a severe stroke, and to see him come out of the rehabilitation ward from the brink of death is monumental. All the heartache we went through doing things without him has finally lifted. We’re so glad we get to share these moments with him now. That video will forever remind me of that time without him, the emotion was raw and intense. I can now see it in a different light, and be proud that we pushed through. Massive thanks to all our supporters, and long live MWWB!”

Courtesy of New Heavy Sounds:

»The Harvest« is MWWB’s fourth album, and is a record shot through with the trademark heavy MWWB sound. The chugging riffs and haunting melodies of Jessica Ball are all there, however it also sees the band adding more experimentation, a progressive approach, and going a bit more left field conceptually.

With »The Harvest« MWWB have refined and honed their sound from their previous three records. »The Harvest« is a carefully crafted distillation of ideas, written, conceived and sequenced to be listened to in its entirety (preferably in one sitting). MWWB have always loved film scores and this new album is in many ways, the soundtrack to a film. MWWB provides the musical narrative (the song titles also provide a pointer) and the listener’s imagination does the rest.

To some extent, it shares similarities with Pink Floyd’s »Dark Side Of The Moon«. Not only by having the mix of experimentation and melodicism as that seminal record, but also in the way that it has been engineered and constructed as a seamless piece.

Nine tracks flowing into one another. Space age riff monsters segueing into shorter musical interludes, where John Carpenter rubs shoulders with Pink Floyd and a maelstrom of moog and mellotron. There are surprises, and of course a bucketload of heavy shit.

Kudos here must go to producer Chris Fielding, who has masterminded an epic sound world, with a much more close up ‘in your face’ mix. Meticulously bringing out every nuance, from soft and atmospheric, to expansive and crushingly heavy. The band have never sounded better.

MWWB are a thrilling proposition. They demonstrate that you can seamlessly mix crushing power, experimentation and delicate vulnerability into something that transcends any genre.

Order »The Harvest« here:

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