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Norwegian stoner/doom/sludge duo Golden Core premiere the first single and title track from their upcoming album »Kosmos brenner«!

Oslo, Norway based stoner/doom/sludge duo Golden Core premiere a lyric video for the first single and title track from their new album »Kosmos brenner«, set to release on February 2nd, 2024 via Helvetes Indre Kretser.

The new single features Eirik Waadeland (Ruun, Celestial Scourge, Filthdigger) on guest vocals.

01. Ár var alda
02. Ginnungagap
03. Þorn af akri
04. Kosmos brenner
05. De dødes hær
06. Sól valtíva
07. Tåkeheimen
08. Sól varp sunnan

Courtesy of Euphoria Studio AS:

Golden Core – new single out now!

»Kosmos brenner« is the first single from the upcoming album of the same name, to be released February 2, 2024.

Surtr fra sør (Surtr from the south)
med ild han styrer (with fire he reigns)
Muspelheim (Muspelheim)
den eldste verdenen (the oldest world)

Thus opens »Kosmos brenner« (“The Cosmos Is Burning”), the first single – and title track – from Golden Core’s third album. The Norwegian duo has far since passed the “Young and Promising” road sign, taken a drastic left turn and are now venturing out into a completely new dimension. So forget everything you think you know, sit back, turn the volume up, and prepare to burn along with the Cosmos!

It seems like only yesterday that Colden Core burst out onto an unsuspecting Norwegian rock scene as an exuberant young duo with equal amounts of talent, ambition and pure energy. But in fact the band will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary next year, and what better way to mark this than with a new album? After impressing audiences supporting bands like Napalm Death and The Good, The Bad and The Zugly in Norway, they released their first album, »Norwegian Stoner Machine« in 2017. Wearing their influences on their sleeves, they had delivered a perfectly honest debut release, brilliantly showcasing where they were at the time.

Photo by Storm Drabitius

It would soon be clear, though, that the two would not limit themselves to doing instrumental stoner rock forever, and on their sophomore album, 2019’s breathtaking »Fimbultýr«, vocals were added, riffs got bigger and the songs had become as monumental as the Norwegian mountains. It seemed that in just two years, from one album to the next, Golden Core had made the kind of progress other bands usually need several releases to achieve. So now, when the time has come for that “difficult” third album, what was the band to do? Take another giant leap, and get heavier, doomier and more epic? Turn progressive? Embrace melody? How about… ALL OF THE ABOVE?

You will have to wait until next year before »Kosmos brenner«, the album, hits the shelves and streaming services but the time has already come for Golden Core to unleash the masterpiece that is the title track upon us. And this track has it all: a searing riff, abrasive vocals, deathly growls courtesy of Ruun’s Eirik Waadeland, unexpected tempo changes and a surprisingly catchy chorus. Produced by Yngve Andersen (Blood Command, Bokassa), this song is a genuine rollercoaster Tour de Force through several genres at once, without ever becoming schizophrenic or pretentious. It’s not what you expected but it’s the logical next step for the band, and exactly what we all needed. The Cosmos is burning, and Golden Core are on fire!

Livets alter tenner (Life’s alter alights)
Kosmos brenner (The Cosmos is burning)

»Kosmos brenner« is available on all digital platforms today.

Golden Core is:
Simen Jakobsen Harstad – Guitars, Keys
Johannes Thor Sandal – Lead Vocals, Drums

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