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Obsidian Kingdom stream »The Pump«, the second music video from their upcoming album, »Meat Machine«

Spanish progressive/post-metal band Obsidian Kingdom stream »The Pump«, the second music video from their upcoming album, »Meat Machine«, which will be out on September 25, 2020 via Season Of Mist. Video was created by Jakov Burov.


Disc 1
01. The Edge
02. The Pump
03. Naked Politics
04. Mr. Pan
05. Flesh World

Disc 2
01. Meat Star
02. Spanker
03. Vogue
04. Womb of Wire
05. A Foe

The band comments: “»The Pump« is a feverish delirium about the absurd nature of the world, symbolised in a giant machine that constantly grinds and spawns flesh at the same time – neither good nor evil, but blindly bound to function forever in a meaningless course of processing meat. Although devoid of morality or compassion, the whole scene doesn’t lack a certain sense of humour. »The Pump« is a frantic and dissonant song featuring the broken beat of a stupid mechanism. The main feelings portrayed are brutality and disorientation, but the chorus is also epic and liberating. Behind its grisly facade lies a veiled truth: that comedy may be the compass to find beauty at the heart of horror.”

Obsidian Kingdom is devoted to exploring the boundaries of rock music. The Barcelonian band defies classification to this very day, drawing equally on progressive rock, post-metal, alternative and electronic music. However hard to pigeonhole, it remains consistent with delivering exciting content that never fails to surprise its audience.

Obsidian Kingdom is:
Rider G Omega – Guitars, Vocals
Ojete Mordaza II – Drums, Beats
Om Rex Orale – Bass
Viral Vector Lips – Guitars
Jade Riot Cul – Keys, Synths

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