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Path Of Doom Radio from Ukraine launched a unique charity compilation of doom/stoner/psych bands for humaterian purposes!

Path Of Doom Radio from Ukraine launched a unique charity compilation of doom/stoner/psych bands for humaterian purposes, in support of Ukraine and its children.

This compilation features bands from almost all over the world, such as Pantheist (UK), Hippie Death Cult (US), Indigo Raven (France), Esoteric (UK), Splendidula (Belgium), Doomsday Rejects (US), Hebi Katana (Japan), Gaupa (Sweden), Black Lung (US), Lucifer’s Children (Paraguay), Samavayo (Germany), Deathbell (France), Doomcult (Netherlands), Vu Garde (Austria), Zatokrev (Switzerland), Arkham Witch (UK), Doomsday Profit (US), Sleeping Child (Germany), Acid Row (Czechia), Bog Wizard (US), Paralyzed (Germany) and many many more.

To date, more than a hundred bands have already taken part in this compilation, while the project is open and new groups join almost every day. Compilation presents the listener with almost the entire spectrum and the entire depth of the diversity of these trends in music. We assume that this compilation will be interesting for people who have just started listening to this music and for old fans of the style.

In addition, this compilation is a clear example of the unity of the world doom metal and rock culture, since all the bands represented have united to indicate their reaction to the global events that take place in the world.

“My country, Ukraine, is attacked by Russia. Our territories are occupied by this country. Virtually all cities are bombed daily from the air. Our armed forces are holding them back courageously… but millions of civilians are forced to leave their homes and run away from the bombing… thousands of civilians have already died, hundreds of children have already been killed or injured by this aggressor country… and because of this, our country is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.

We very much ask you to buy this compilation! All the money received from its sale will be directed not to military needs, but to targeted assistance to families with small, infant children. You can refuse one cup of coffee on the way to work, or one serving of evening beer and perhaps this will allow one of the Ukrainian kids to fall asleep not hungry. We say “there are no other people’s children.” Please, get this compilation, don’t remain indifferent and I’m sure the sun will smile on your children too!

We ask you to spread the information about this compilation so that as many people as possible know it!

If you have words of support for Ukraine, please write them! We will be grateful to you for them!”

This project was created by Eugene Voron (owner of Path Of Doom Radio) and his family, with technical assistance from Jorik Arts.

• All tracks of this compilation are provided by groups that are not indifferent to our misfortune.
• All copyrights for all performance tracks are the property of either the bands or labels representing them.

Information about where your donations are spent is here:

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